How to use visual effects to Google Meet. You been using for a while Google Meet, the platform of Google dedicated to videoconferencing. However, speaking with her friend, she discovered that additional functions have been developed that allow her to do much more than she imagined.

There is an extension known as Visual effects Through which you can use different effects in real time to make meetings more fun. Let's see how to use it.

How to use visual effects for Google Meet step by step

As I already mentioned before, Visual effects it's a browser extension that allows activating a series of effects to be used, in real time, during meetings Google Meet, the application developed by Google. In short, it is an extra and free customization that you can activate in your browser.

Basic and essential information

Visual Effects is a free solution available to anyone using Google Meet through browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (in its most recent version based on Chromium) and Opera (Although it was created specifically for Chrome, it is also compatible with the other two browsers, which are based on the same engine.)

Once activated, it will allow you to improve the quality of your meetings by adding fun video effects and some face filters. Do you want an example? The effect " Green screen« will allow you to insert a background of your choice. Or with " Turn around"  You can reverse your image and everyone in the meeting will see it upside down (I'll talk about this in more detail later).

Has the speech piqued your curiosity even more and you can't wait to get started with Visual Effect? Then continue reading the following paragraphs to activate the extension and learn how to use it.

Just a little clarification before we start: being developed by third parties and not by Google, Visual Effects is not an official solution. Because of this, it could present potential privacy risks, while still working well.

How to enable visual effects for Google Meet

Turning on visual effects for Google Meet is a fairly simple operation that you can do in a few steps and in no time.

First, open the Google Chrome (or another browser among those compatible with the extension) and go to the official page of the Chrome Web Store, where you can find all the add-ons and themes to use in the aforementioned browser and those that use the same engine.

In case none of the Visual Effects compatible browsers for Google Meet are installed on your PC, I recommend downloading Chrome.

Once you get to the Chrome store home page, type "Visual effect" in search bar (located in the menu on the left) and press the key Intro at keyboard.

Then select the first result in the list (or click directly here) and click the button Add. At this point a small pop-up will open confirming the operation and, in it, you will have to press the button Add extension.

The procedure is finished! A final information box will appear in which you will be informed that the extension has been successfully added to the browser and that you can see the list of all the active ones by clicking on the puzzle icon next to the address bar.

How visual effects work for Google Meet on PC

Once the extension is activated, using visual effects during meetings is really easy. You just need to select your preferred effect from the little pop-up side menu and it will be activated immediately.

Do you want more information about how visual effects work for Google Meet ? Now I will explain everything to you!

First, go to the official Google Meet page through Google Chrome (or another compatible browser in which you have installed the plugin) and press the item Log In. Then select the Google account, introduces the password and click on the button Confirm.

Now, when starting a new meeting or joining the one created by another user (after giving Google Meet all the necessary permissions to access the microphone and camera and pressing the button Take part, or after entering the bar code or link and having pressed the aforementioned key), you will notice the presence of a small menu located to the left of your image.

As you move the cursor over it, various items will appear, to which you can apply the check mark to activate a efecto. Besides this, you can also adjust your intensity using the appropriate bar below the picture.

At the time of writing, there are about twenty effects available, divided into two categories. Below are some examples of Visual effects, which allow you edit the image in various ways.

  • Background blur allows you to do the blurred background and adjust the intensity of the blur.
  • Blur It is based on the same principle as the previous effect, but it allows blurring the entire image (always being able to adjust the intensity).
  • Bubbles create bubbles that float on the screen and, within each one of them, your image is repeated.
  • Contrast increases the contrast levels of the colors, also offering the possibility of adjusting the intensity.
  • Cube create a rotating cube in the center of the screen with your image repeated on each side.
  • 3D movie simulates a 3D image.
  • donation it is a momentary filter that lasts a couple of seconds. During this time, a message appears on the screen announcing the donation of 1 euro by an imaginary user and that later disappears.
  • Turn around allows you to flip the image.
  • Freeze "Freezes" the frame by locking it at the exact moment the effect is activated.
  • Reverse allows you to invert the colors.
  • Insane modify the colors, increase the pixels and give a blur effect to your image.
  • Rainbow change colors alternating those of the rainbow. So the image will be green first, then yellow, red, and so on for a couple of seconds.
  • pixelate increases the resolution of the pixels by allowing, by adjusting, to enlarge or reduce them.
  • Soft focus adds to the image a mixed color that goes from yellow to green, adjustable in intensity using the corresponding lever.
  • Text display allows you to add text, to be typed in the space provided below the checkbox.

The only effect of different operation is Green screen, which allows you to change the background. Pushing the button Raise background You can select an image to use as wallpaper among those on your PC.

Each filtering bag Face filters, that is, the second category of effects, allows you to apply some face filters. For example, Sunglasses who adds a pair of sunglasses, Graduate putting a graduation cap on his head or a aureola with the "halo filter".

As you can see, once the effect is activated by the check mark, it will be applied immediately to your image. You just have to try them all and have fun with your friends!

How to use visual effects for Google Meet on mobile phones and tablets

Google Meet is also available in a mobile version through a device application. Android es iOS / iPadOS. Its operation is almost identical to that of the desktop version but, unfortunately, through it it is not possible to use visual effects yet. You can only enjoy predefined functions and effects such as subtitles and low light mode, but not visual effects.

That being said, if you still want to download the app at Androidopen the Play Store at their mobile phone or tablet, type in the search bar «Google Meet», select the first result and tap the buttons Install on pcOpen.

If you have a iPhone or iPad, instead, go to the App Store, tap the tab Search (the magnifying glass) and, on the bar, write «Google Meet».

Then press the Get / install and confirm the installation through Facial identification, touch identification o Apple ID Password. Then press the button Open.

With the app open, tap the buttons Next  and then Okay twice in a row (to allow access to the camera and microphone). At this point, press the button Log In and choose one Google account selecting it from the list.