How to work from home. Many people paint Internet like the new Dorado. A special place where, almost like magic, without making any effort, you can win mountains of money. Well, things are not like that! The Internet is a very powerful tool, it can be of great help to establish a profitable business but, alone, without commitment and without a bit of luck, it is of little use.

Of course, it's possible to raise some money pretty easily by selling used items, taking surveys, or writing reviews about products and services, but to be able to work from home and win at home seriously much more is needed.

First of all, we need a winning mental approach (we must take the subject very seriously) and then we must be willing to study, or rather sweat and study.

I know, maybe I am wearing off your enthusiasm, but it is my duty not to give you false hope. Being able to earn the equivalent of a salary on the Internet is not easy. It is not impossible, but it is not even simple. So, if you're really willing to take a chance and think you have what it takes to build a successful business, here are some of the ways you could use the internet to make it your field of work.

How to work from home over the Internet

Where to start

Whatever your target industry - blogging, writing, trading, programming, or anything else - you need to do some basic operations before setting up your business.

  • Study the topic - buy books, attend conferences, talk to those who know more than you. In short, you seriously study the market you intend to enter and try to understand if there really are opportunities to build a successful business.


  • Analyze the work of competitors. - Who is successful in your industry? Why is it successful? What can you offer different (or better) to the public to build a real business? Look for answers to these questions and you will surely leave with a few more possibilities to "break through."


  • Prepare to make sacrifices - As in the 'real world', even on the Internet to be successful you have to work hard. And working hard also means giving up a day of vacation, a dinner with friends, or a weekend at the beach to take care of your business, keep up with market trends, etc.


  • Put the rush aside - You will hardly get rich in a month. In fact, the first few months of activity will probably see you collecting little or nothing, but don't give up. Even those that are unquestionably successful businesses today have taken time to "gear" and reach current levels. Do not give up the first difficulties and you will see that in the end you will come out of them.


Create a successful website

When you think about how to work from home, you almost immediately think about create a blog or website. Well you should know that it is possible earn money with a website. There are several ways to do this, but to reach sizable numbers you need to have a very large catchment area - a large number of visitors must be attracted and maintained over time.

Basically, there are two ways to monetize the content of an Internet site: the inclusion of advertising through services like Google Adsense, which allow you to collect a few pennies with every click. Or with the use of Sponsored links from Amazon or other online stores, which instead allow you to earn small commissions for the sale of various items online.

Open an online store

Do you have a store? Are you good at building objects or creating artistic works? Then you could try the online store way.

Right now, there are several services that allow you to open an online store, even in Facebook, and commercialize products of any type with low administration costs. One of them is blomming.

On the other hand, there are also less customizable services, such as Etsy, which allows you to open an online store to sell handmade items or antique items. The cost is around 20 cents for each ad plus a 3.5% commission on the sales of each item.

To publish a book

Do you think you have a certain talent for writing? Do you know a topic on which you can write in a book? So since publishers these days are struggling to release new authors, you can try the path of self-publishing and publish your work independently in electronic and / or paper format.

Among the most reliable desktop publishing platforms of the moment I always recommend lulu y Amazon, that allow you to publish in a very simple way and with very contained costs, paper books and electronic books of any kind.

Developing successful applications

If you know or want to study programming you could test yourself and create an app to Android, iOS o Windows Phone.

Let me be clear: earning serious with apps (or games) isn't easy at all, but if you think you have good ideas, you should give it a try.

Hope you liked my tips on working from home.