Install program without player CD /DVD with Daemon Tools Lite. Today's PCs often come without a CD player. In this case, or if your CD player no longer works, this article will explain how to install a program without buying a new player.

Install programs without CD / DVD player: requirements

What you should have yes or yes, even if you don't have a PC with a CD player, will be:

-The software installation CD / DVD, or the image file (identical copy) of the CD, followed by the extension ISO. The PC on which to install this program.

-An external medium (USB key, HDD, SD card …) Where you can copy the CD / DVD image. If necessary, use another pc to create a CD image file.

Step by step to install programs without player

1. Copy the installation files.

Sometimes just copy and paste from the CD onto your external media. Copy the contents of the CD / DVD to external media (USB key, SD card …) And the files on the PC where you will install the software. Launch the installation file, often called Install.exe, Setup.exe or Autorun.exe.

2. Create an ISO file.

If you already have your ISO file, go to the next chapter. Otherwise, follow the instructions. If a simple copy of the CD is not enough, you must copy a copy of the CD called image file with extension ISO.

3. Emulate an ISO file

In our example, we will use the free Daemon Tools Lite. Virtual reader emulator, but you can also use other free software: UltraISO among others. Copy the file ISO on your pc

4. Install Daemon Tools Lite

Release the file EXE downloaded (geralemnet DTLite * .exe). Click on Correr to start the installation.

Select language and click Ok.

The welcome window opens, click Next.

The user license appears, click I agree and select Free license.

Unmark Windows tool.

If you get the window below, please choose I will not install Speed ​​Up PC. The installation of the pen. Wait uncheck too Anonymously send usage statistics  and click End up.

Daemon Tools Lite launches on its own. But if you are asked to restart your PC, accept.


Install programs without CD / DVD player with Daemon Tools Lite

Once you have installed the software, the Daemon Tools Lite icon appears below and to the right of the taskbar. For Record the CD / DVD in the virtual CD player: left click on the icon and the first available player.

If you don't have the photo ISO, create one. Choose file ISO then click on the button Open or just copy and paste, drag and drop the file ISO inside the DTLite window.

The virtual CD appears in the desk.

Install / burn the program as a real CD.