McAfee SiteAdvisor module navigator web site.   McAfee SiteAdvisor® is an additional module that you can integrate into your IE browser or Firefox to increase the security of your PC on the web. Developed by McAfee Labs, this plugin informs you about the results of your site's reliability tests.

The results are visible on the search engine page (for example, Google), as well as in its toolbar integrated in the web browser, which provides a diagnosis of the visited site.


McAfee SiteAdvisor web browser module what is it for?

McAfee's antiviral labs propose a website health alert tool based on their analysis. This alert you to a potentially dangerous site before clicking on your link. Their dedicated test PCs have scanned a large number of websites and the SiteAdvisor extension shows us their results.

This tool comes in two forms: a free one (SiteAdvisor) and a paid one (SiteAdvisor Plus). For the difference between the two versions, see the chart on this page with the features and benefits of the software. Either way, keep in mind that the free version is very useful.

How to use this extension

The tool displays an icon next to the results found by the search engine (Google, Yahoo! OR MSN / Live Search). The color and shape of these icons indicate the result of the analysis.

McAfee SECURISE: Tested daily to detect hacker vulnerabilities.

insurance: Very low or missing risk problems.

CAUTION: Low risk problems.

WARNING: Serious risk problems.

UNKNOWN: Not yet rated. Be careful.

SAFE SEARCH BOX: Carefree search.

NAVIGATION BUTTON: Validate the rank of the site.


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