Lately, you have little time for work / study. Therefore, you have noticed that you can no longer figure out how you used to do it once and you intend to remedy it, perhaps using your mobile phone. On the other hand, you always have your reliable phone in your pocket and it could become a great tool for obtaining information. But you would like to have a good number of reliable sources available and therefore you are looking for an application that suits your needs. Well, don't worry: you came to the right place, at the right time!

In today's guide, in fact, I will show you some of the best news app that you can install on your mobile phone (or tablet). In case you were wondering, I will illustrate multiple types of applications, capable of bringing you news based on your interests and, why not, letting you stay informed about what is happening in the world outside of your "social bubble". In particular, I will review the applications for the daily news, news of football, Video game news and financial news. In short, you will surely find "food" for your mind.

Courage: why are you still standing there motionless in front of the screen? The time has come to proceed: all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that you will be able to reach your goal in an instant and that in no time you will have found the right application for you. That being said, I have nothing left to do but wish you a good read!

Application for news of the day

Staying informed about what is happening in the world is important, today more than ever. In fact, people are increasingly interconnected with each other and news from, for example, the United States of America or Asia can also affect the lives of Italians. Below, therefore, you will find a selection of the best news app.

Google News (Android / iOS)

Google News is the official application developed by the Mountain View company: it is one of the most used, since it is pre-installed on many mobile phones Android and it integrates well with the Google account, using it to track preferences and provide news that could be more interesting to the user. The app is free, but it contains ads and in-app purchases.

To install Google News on your device, just open Android Play Store (if you have Android) or iOS / iPadOS App Store (if you have a iPhone or iPad), type «Google news» in the search field and press application icon (a "G" on a blue card). After that, all you have to do is press the button Install / Get and if you use iOS, verify your identity through Touch ID, Face ID or Apple ID password.

Once the application is open, you can run el login to your Google account by entering email y password and pressing the button siguiente (if necessary) At this point, you will be facing one press review It includes the news that may interest you, based on your searches in the Google search engine and other information held by the company Mountain View.

In the upper right you will also find some weather information. Then at the top of the page are the 5 news that Google News finds interesting for you, while scrolling down you can find many more divided by categories. For example, if you have activated location on your device, the tab might show Local news, which includes only the sources of its territory (for example, Il Giornale di Vicenza).

At the bottom right of each news box there are two buttons: the first is represented by the card icon. By pressing it, you can get more information on the subject of the news, since the screen will show you other sources that will allow you to go deeper. Instead, touch the dots icon you will access a menu that will allow you save the news for read it later, share it, log in to origin website, Hide all news from a particular site and send a feedback in the news In short, you have all the tools to improve your news feed, hiding the sources you don't like.

At the bottom of the screen there is 4 buttons that refer to so many cards: For you it's the application's home screen, the one I showed you before; news instead, it is a useful page to quickly access the different categories. All you need to do is press category what you want (eg Latest, Italy, World, Business, Science and Technology) from the bar at the top.

Then there is the card Favorites containing the sources you saved and the topics that interested you and the form Newspaper stand On the other hand, it allows you to find the sources to add, with rankings in the most followed according to the sector of membership.

Microsoft News (Android / iOS)

Microsoft News is Redmond's answer to Google News: it is a complete application in many respects, some users prefer it because of its "clean" graphical interface and the ability to quickly access local news. However, Microsoft News has fewer sources than Google News, as it only implements what it deems most popular. The application is available at Android Play Store And on the iOS / iPadOS App Store, it's free, but with ads and in-app purchases.

Once the app is open, you can choose to run the login with your Microsoft account or if you continue without logging in. During the first setup, you will be asked to select arguments that interests you The graphical interface is quite "clean" and the main board is divided into My news (based on user sources), In evidence (the most popular news of the moment) e CHOSEN FOR YOU (News recommended by the application that revolve around topics of interest).

Pressing star icon present at the bottom, you can modify yours interests and related letters. Pressing lens icon instead you can search sources and news as you press position icon you can activate the GPS device to get local news. By tapping on three point icon instead, you can access the app settings, where options are also available to activate the app dark theme and access to saved news. On the latter, you only need to press the three point icon present at the bottom right of the box news, to "put aside" a story to read later or share.

News Republic (Android / iOS)

If you don't like having too many options and just want to learn about certain topics, you might consider trying News Republic : It is an application that contains many fonts (more than 3.000) and allows you to create personalized cards for each theme. News Republic is free, but contains ads and in-app purchases. The application is available in both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

The graphical interface of the application is divided into three tabs: For you, video y sports. You can add others simply by clicking on the icon + present top left. At the top is the search bar, while the buttons at the bottom allow, respectively, to update the feed, explore the sources available and manage yours account. To improve the personalization of the news and follow the sources, you can access it with your own profile. Facebook, google o twitter.

Once a news item opens, you can add a comment, read the writings by other users, put and share the news on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter or Traves de message / link. In summary, News Republic also gives its users the opportunity to publicly comment on the various news. Occasionally, some are also proposed polls on current issues.

Flipboard (Android / iOS)

Flipboard It is a slightly different application from the ones mentioned above. In fact, it guarantees a full screen for each news item, providing a great content preview. In this way, you can understand the goodness of the news right away. The app is free, but it includes ads and in-app purchases. Flipboard is available in both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

When you start the application for the first time, you will be asked to select arguments of your interest You can also do the loginby pressing the button to access present in the upper right and registering through email or online profile ( google, Facebook y twitter ). This will allow you to get something personalized news according to your preferences and being able to follow the different sources.

Flipboard allows you to see a lot of news in a short time, since you only need to make one strong punch from top to bottom to see the pages dedicated to the individual news. On the home screen, you can also access the tabs CHOSEN BY FLIPBOARD (best selected news of the day) ed EXPLORE OTHER INTERESTS (list of available themes, for example, MOBILE AND SMARTPHONE).

Pressing square icon located below you can see the trending topics. Pressing lens iconinstead, you can access search bar and select the different sources. Flipboard includes fewer fonts than other apps, but try to select only the ones that are considered most popular.

The bell icon It serves for notifications (for example, when a news item that might interest you was published), while the icon account allows you to manage your profile. Once a news item opens, some icons will appear at the top right of the screen share it, comment put the little heart o Save, to read it later.

More applications for news of the day.

The apps mentioned above are obviously not the only ones available. Below I present other solutions that may interest you.

  • Feedly (Android / iOS): one of the most customizable applications for reading news, with support for RSS feeds. Yes, they can combine many fonts and group them into different categories according to their needs. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.
  • SQUID (Android / iOS): Users appreciate this app primarily for its more "modern" look than average. Yes, they can highlight the content of the news to share the highlights with friends. SQUID is free to download, but contains ads.
  • Today's news for Samsung (Android): Pre-installed on some Samsung mobile phones, upday allows you to stay informed through personalized news based on the preferences expressed by the user. The most interesting news is also summarized with bullets. The app is free, but there are ads.

Football news app

If you are a fan of football, you will surely be interested in the news of this sport. Well, you should know that there are applications that can provide you with all the updates of the case in real time.

Onefootball (Android / iOS)

Onefootball It is an application that all football fans should try. In fact, it not only allows you to monitor football news, but also prioritize based on your favorite team. Onefootball is available for free, but it includes ads and in-app purchases. The application can be found in both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

Once the app is open, you will be asked to select yours. favorite club team and yours national. In this way, Onefootball will be able to customize the news according to your preferences. The main screen of the application shows, at the top, the result of the latest game of his team, while immediately below proposes all the various news. Yes, they can also make gods. predictions about the outcome of the games and see what other users think about it.

There are also some interesting ones. video (for example, "the five most beautiful networks of the week"), accessible through the special tab at the top. Pressing in place, up TRANSFERS You can see all the information related to the transfer market. By touching the icon matches then you can see me scheduled match in the coming days, while through the icon continued You can get all the relevant information about your favorite teams. Once a news item is open, you can press the icon cuota, present at the top, to publish the news in the social media or send them to friends.

More apps for soccer news

Play Store and App Store are full of other applications with which you can learn about the world of soccer. Below I present the ones that I consider most valid.

  • 90min - Football News (Android / iOS): one of the most downloaded applications to stay informed about the world of soccer. It can alert the user in real time when their favorite team scores and allows them to follow trending topics on social media through a special tab. The application is free, but contains ads.
  • Sky Sports (Android / iOS): The official app from one of the most appreciated sources in Italy. Contains the latest news and real-time results of matches. There are also videos and the possibility to watch the Sky Sport 24 channel. The application is free, but it contains ads and offers in-app purchases.
  • La Gazzetta dello Sport (Android / iOS): The official app of one of the historical Italian newspapers. The app includes news from the official website and at the same time allows you to monitor the results of your favorite team. It's free, but it contains ads.

Video game news application

How to say You are a fan of video game ? Well then absolutely you need to know the applications you find below.

GamesNews (Android)

GamesNews is an application designed to contain only the news from the main Italian sources of information in this sector. The application can be downloaded for free from the Android Play Store and does not contain any type of advertising or in-app purchases. GamesNews is, in fact, created by an Italian enthusiast.

The operation of the application is basic: at the top are the main ones. information sources Italian while pressing hamburger icon present in the upper left corner you can access the foreign publications en latest reviews y ai latest trailers. Once you open a news, you can send it to your friends (through the icon cuota present in the upper right corner), while to read the full article just touch the item Continue reading.

Yes, you can even add the news to your favorites by pressing the word FAVORITES. In this way, you can read it later by touching the three point icon found on the other right of the home screen and pressing the item Favorites.

More apps for video game news

If you need more information about video games, you may also be interested in the following applications.

  • COMMODORE - Video Game News (Android): a very simple application to use that refers to the mobile sites of the main Italian sources on the subject. It can be useful as a shortcut. The app is free and contains no ads or in-app purchases.
  • HappyGamer - Video Game News (Android): An application that simply displays a selection of the most important news from the main Italian sites that deal with the subject of video games. It's free, but it contains ads.
  • IGN Entertainment (Android / iOS): If you know English well, applying one of the most popular video game sites in the world could be for you. It includes reviews, news articles, videos and everything that revolves around this sector. The application is free, but includes ads.

Financial news app

la financial market Are you always in crisis and do not know how to stay informed about what is happening in this complex world? Try taking a look at the following apps - they could be for you!

Il Sole 24 Ore (Android / iOS)

The Sun 24 hours It is one of the most important newspapers for the financial sector. For this reason, you may be interested in downloading its official app on your device. The application can be free download, but includes ads and in-app purchases. It is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

Once the app is open you will be asked to do login. If you have already registered digital subscription, you can press the button to access and enter your details. If instead you just want to read the free news published online, you must click Global icon present in the upper right corner. The latter simply opens the Il Sole 24 Ore mobile website and offers no additional features. If you have a subscription, you can easily browse the newspaper.

In any case, the Il Sole 24 Ore app can be useful for quickly accessing the mobile website and reading the news.

More apps for financial news.

How to say Do you need additional sources to stay informed about the financial environment? No problem: Below are other solutions that will allow you to stay in the part at all times.

  • Yahoo Finance (Android / iOS): Mainly used to control stock exchanges and financial markets, the application also allows you to check the latest news through the corresponding tab. There are many sources and they create a complete image. The app is free, but it contains ads and offers in-app purchases.
  • Economy and finance 24 hours (Android): one of the most used applications to monitor financial news through various Italian sources. It allows you to view a broad description of the content and can also be used to access podcasts. The application is free, but contains ads.
  • MSN Money - Quotes (Android / iOS): allows monitoring of stock exchanges and financial markets and access to the latest news from the sector. The graphical interface is "clean", the application is easy to use. It's free, but it includes ads.

Perfect, now you have everything you need to choose which application to use. Happy reading!