PC programs. On other occasions I have already told you about programs of all kinds with lists in which I recommend the best applications to work with, download files from Internet, communicate with friends and, in general, make the most of the potential of your PC.

I know there are thousands and thousands, and it takes too long to find the best programs. So today, I want to give you a summary guide that lists all the PC programs essential, both free and paid. Those tools that you cannot miss on your computer. What do you think?

Following the example of some of the most interesting lists that I have already published, we will see which are the best programs to surf the Internet, chat, protect your PC, manage multimedia files and do much more on Windows systems. Let's get started right away!

PC programs on the Internet

Let's go step by step. First, the p PC programs Dedicated to the large network, such as browsers, clients to manage email, messaging applications and programs to download files from the Internet at maximum speed.


If you are looking for a good browser to replace the famous Internet Explorer, I recommend Chrome, the browser Google which is extremely fast in page loading, has free extensions to increase its functions and synchronizes all online browsing data on different PCs, devices

Operating systems.

Alternatively, I would opt for Mozilla Firefox it has a very lively community and the "transparency" typical of open source software. This browser is also very fast, it can synchronize browsing data over the Internet and it has an unrivaled park of extensions with add-ons that are much more powerful and flexible than those available for any other browser.

You can find links to download both programs and other interesting tips to try in my list of Internet surfing programs.

Email address

Many users have abandoned classic email clients in favor of services, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Virgilio Mail address, which allow you to manage your correspondence directly from your browser.

If it's not one of these and you're looking for a good email app, trust Mozilla Thunderbird which, like Firefox, is free, open source and fully customizable thanks to the availability of numerous extensions. Find the link to download it and other tips on email programs in my post on the subject.

C's PC programs communication

Although thanks to services such as WhatsApp and Facebook, messaging has been transferred almost entirely to mobile devices, there are still excellent solutions to chat and communicate with your friends from your PC. One of the most interesting is Pidgin, a free and open source instant messaging software that allows you to communicate on all major messaging networks, such as Facebook, Google Hangouts, IRC, etc.

We also recommend Skype, the popular VoIP client that is now owned by Microsoft and has replaced the old Messenger. Of course, it not only allows you to communicate verbally, but also (in fact, especially) to make free calls and video calls.

Download files from the Internet

When it comes to programs to download files from the Internet, it is practically impossible not to mention uTorrent, the best client for the BitTorrent network, which is very easy to use and always guarantees fairly fast downloads.

Along with it, I recommend that you also install JDownloader which is a 360 ° download manager capable of downloading files from any website, capture photos, videos and links from the browser and perfectly manage the premium accounts of the hosting services.

I explained to you extensively about both programs in my post on the best programs for downloading files from the internet., While if you are specifically interested in programs for downloading music and programs for downloading movies, take a look at the related articles.

Work programs

Now let's move on to PC programs for work, that is, all that software that lets you process text, spreadsheets, make presentations, view and edit files PDF and print documents.

Office suite

Microsoft Office It is a very common software package, very powerful but also expensive. However, if you do not intend to buy it, you can choose to LibreOffice. It is a completely free set thanks to which you can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and other printable documents in a very simple way. It is compatible with all Microsoft Office files (both incoming and outgoing) and is also capable of editing PDF documents.

Staying on the PDF theme, I recommend that you also install Sumatra PDF o Nitro reader. The first is a simple PDF document reader and the second is a much more complete software that allows you not only to read PDF files but also edit and create them from Office documents and digital images.


With Microsoft Publisher (included in the Microsoft Office package) e Impress (included in LibreOffice) can create many types of printable documents, such as brochures, flyers, and greeting cards, but there are also more specific applications for create posters, print brochures, make greeting cards and business cards.

Safety and maintenance programs

Choosing the software to protect your PC is never easy, however, if you want to sleep relatively quietly, you can use a antivirus as Bitdefender Free Edition It almost always got the best scores in the benchmarks (and it's completely free).

PC programs

PC programs

I also recommend a trustworthy antimalware like Malwarebytes Antimalware which you can use to perform a second scan (it does not monitor the PC in real time) and frees the system from "annoyances" such as the promotional toolbars included in many free programs. For the same purpose, if you prefer, you can also rely on Spybot.

In addition to protecting your PC from viruses and malware, constant maintenance is also required. operating system, which you can entrust to applications like CCleaner that allows you to release the HDD of unnecessary files, repair errors in the Windows registry, and speed up system startup by removing programs set for automatic startup.

Another fundamental aspect regarding IT security is the use of strong passwords to subscribe to online services. Passwords that must be kept securely. For this, I would recommend the browser extensions related to the free service.

LastPass which allows you to keep all the data for accessing Internet sites in a protected file and recover them with a unique master password. Alternatively, you can use the payment program 1Password It differs from LastPass in keeping passwords primarily offline (you can still sync them online via Dropbox or iCloud) and the ability to also store information related to credit cards and software licenses.

Multimedia programs

Watch movies, store photos, listen to music - with your PC you can do this and much, much more.


After downloading movies from the Internet with the software I mentioned above, you will want to enjoy them on your PC without problems, here comes into play VLC which is a phenomenal free multimedia player (as well as open source) thanks to which it is possible to reproduce any type of video file without resorting to external codecs.

If you prefer create videos, the choice can only fall on Windows Movie Maker. It is the best free video editing software available on Microsoft systems that allows even the least experienced edit videos, create presentations of animated slides with photos, apply text and effects to movies shot with digital video cameras, and more.


As for photo editing, there is little to say: Photoshop It is the best. It is a software that allows you to really do everything with digital images and with a bit of practice it can also be used by less experienced users, however it is very expensive. Your best free alternative is called GIMP And even if you can't reach the level of integrity of the software, Adobe can be used with extreme satisfaction even by professionals in the photographic sector.

It is anything less expensive Picasa, excellent software to archive, view and correct images distributed free by Google. Install it and you will not need other programs for your photos.


The way you listen to music on your PC has changed, now there are streaming services like the excellent Spotify that allows you to listen for free (and especially legally) any type of song over the Internet. I highly recommend it, also because the free version has as a "contraindication" only an advertising interlude between one song and another.

If you are a more "traditionalist" type and still love to listen to music that you have downloaded locally to your PC, try iTunes Apple, which also gives access to an endless catalog of music to buy directly online.

Need to make audio recordings or small music editing operations? Don't think twice and install Audacity, the best free audio editor available for Windows that allows you to apply a wide variety of modifications, corrections and special filters to WAV, MP3 and OGG audio files.

Other must-see tools

Compressed file management

When it comes to extracting compressed files ZIP, RAR or 7Z and compress files, you can rely on the excellent freeware without too much trouble 7-Zip which is very light and easy to use.

If instead you need to create files in RAR format, you must necessarily contact WinRAR paid but available in a trial version with no time limits (with locked advanced features like creating password protected files).

Save files in the cloud

Creating backup copies of your files is essential. You can choose to make your backups online using solutions like dropbox offering more than 2GB of free internet space (syncing data on all PCs automatically) or more traditionally on external hard drives or other media with EaseUS Todo Backup.


The dissemination of services cloud storage, such as the aforementioned Dropbox, and versatile storage devices, such as the USB sticks, have made burning files to floppy disks more marginal. However, if your PC is equipped with a DVD or Blu-Ray burner, it would be a shame not to install software like Ashampoo Burning Studio allowing you to easily create data discs, audio CDs, video DVDs and duplicate discs. It is available in free and paid versions with additional functions.