Precautions before sell su HDD or Pc. If you are thinking of selling your HDD and / or Pc, be sure to delete its content! Many people think that formatting the disk followed by a Windows restore is enough, but it is not! There is recovery software that, despite formatting, allows you to find certain files!

All the precautions before selling your hard drive or PC

How to delete data in Windows with SDelete

When It is eliminated a file, only access to the file is removed. The body of the file is the same. Therefore, with certain tools (restoration, PC file recovery, etc.), it is possible to recover this data.

SDelete allows you to smash free disk space to make recovery impossible. SDelete is much better than most similar tools as it takes into account NTFS and you can use the patterns that prevent most physical recovery operations (which consist of opening the hard drive).

To empty free disk space, type:

sdelete -zc:


Don't forget the -z, otherwise it will erase the "whole" disk.

Use the program before turning off your PC or leaving to avoid useless traces.


How to format PC from CD / DVD

You can start your PC from a CD to format the hard drive in any operating system. However, before doing so, care should be taken to create a set of restore DVDs for your system if your PC does not come with such DVDs (see your PC manual).

How to format your PC with SDelete

As stated above, SDelete can completely format your PC. To empty the free disk space, type

sdelete c:

without him -z (Contrary to the above), otherwise the "whole" disk will be erased.

Final report: if you want to format other partitions just change the letter C: to that of the desired partition.

How to format a Mac from the Mac OS installation DVD

Boot the PC with the installation DVD Mac OS X holding down the key C. Open Finder and go to Applications > Profit Share > Disk utility.

Then select the disk to erase, go to the tab Delete and select Security options. A window will open offering various removal options, choose Delete 35 passes. Click on Ok and wait for the process to finish (this will take time).

Final report: It seems that on Mac, erasing SSDs causes some problems, even safe erasing makes data accessible.

With which programs to format other systems or components

You can use the software mentioned above to format an external device (pen drive, external hard drive, tablet, memory cards, mobile phones, etc.) connected to your PC.

For example, many mobile phones today store a large amount of data, so consider uninstalling the applications you have installed and recovering the memory cards.