Programs for Windows 10. Have you recently bought a PC with Windows 10 installed? Do you like information technology and new technologies, and therefore want some suggestions on the best software to download and get the most out of your new computer? So I would say that luckily for you, you stumbled upon the right tutorial, at a time that couldn't have been better.

In fact, with my guide today, I really wanted to show you who the most interesting programs for Windows 10 in the world. In the following lines, therefore, you will find useful software for productivity, for Windows security, for system optimization, and even for to draw and retouch photos.

In most cases, these are resources available at no cost, but there are also several paid solutions that you can try for a limited period of time and that you can consider buying if you think they might be useful.

The best programs for Windows 10

As I said, there are several programs to take full advantage of the latest Microsoft operating system. So if you want to find out what programs are essential for Windows 10, read on. You can find them in a list below, divided into categories. Happy download!

Internet tools for Windows 10

Let's start with programs for Windows 10 belonging to the category Internet, or those useful for surfing the net, to manage email and instant messaging. You can find them in the following list. Find the ones that you think are best for you and download them right away.

  • Google Chrome - You really don't need an introduction? This is Google's web browser, one of the most used in the world. It is free, it integrates seamlessly with the main "big G" services (as it is easily understood), it is very fast in loading web pages and in general online browsing and can be customized at will, thanks to the support of many extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, the official Chrome store. It also includes an automatic update system that allows you to always get the latest best releases.


  • Mozilla Firefox - is the browser made available by the Mozilla software house. It is a historical browser, considered by most to be the direct competitor to Chrome. It is open source in nature, it is quite fast in loading web pages and it can also be customized by users thanks to the many plugins available, which can be obtained from the dedicated official store. Privacy is its flagship, as it has always stood out for protecting users by not collecting browsing data. It's free and by creating a special account you can sync bookmarks, bookmarks, and history.


  • Microsoft Outlook - When it comes to managing email, as well as business contacts and commitments, all in one place, Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly the best client on the market. It is developed directly by Microsoft, supports many useful functions for cataloging and filtering emails, allows you to use the most popular electronic correspondence services, and also has a pleasant user interface. But it is not free as it is distributed together with the Office suite. Therefore, to date, it can be obtained by subscribing to a subscription to Office 365 (with prices starting at 7 euros / month), available in a free trial version for 30 days, or by purchasing a traditional license of Office Home & Studen suite of Office 2019 (at a cost of 149 euros). Alternatively, you can pay for the application individually in the Microsoft Store, at a cost of 135 euros.


  • Thunderbird - This is the email client developed by Mozilla, the same software house as Firefox. Its main strength is the high degree of customization, thanks to the appropriate accessories. For example, with the extensions, you can add a complete calendar to the program, import emails from other email software, and much more. Otherwise, it is compatible with all the most popular email services and is completely free.


  • Telegram -One of the most popular instant messaging apps for mobile phones and tablets, which has made chat encryption its workhorse almost immediately. It works independently of the mobile app, yet it supports all its functions, thus allowing you to chat, send files, participate in groups, follow channels, etc. It's free.


  • WhatsApp Web- is the computer client of the most used instant messaging application in the world. And totally free, it allows you to chat with individual contacts and with groups of users, supports sending of audio clips, files and various documents and has a nice user interface. However, it should be noted that to function it is essential that the mobile phone on which the WhatsApp application is installed is connected to the Internet.


  • Skype - is a well-known Microsoft-owned VoIP client, thanks to which you can chat with the contacts added in the list, make voice and video calls and make calls to real numbers, after purchasing the appropriate credit. It is very simple to use and, excluding the possible expenses that will be incurred for credit, it is completely free.


  • Facebook Messenger - Messenger, the Facebook messaging service through which you can get in touch with other users of the social network and with users who choose to log in by phone number, is also available as an application for Windows 10. Resume the interface and features of the web version and mobile applications and is free.

Tools to increase productivity in Windows 10

Let us now turn to useful Windows 10 programs for productivity. That is, those that you can use to write text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and, in general, to work and study. You find them below.

  • Microsoft Office - is the productivity set made available by the Redmond company. It includes everything you need to create various types of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, thanks to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The suite also includes the Outlook email client, which I told you about in the previous step. As you know, this is not a free solution. To use the package, you must subscribe to the Office 365 subscription (with prices starting at 7 euros / month), which can also be tried for free for 30 days and also includes 1 TB of storage in OneDrive and Access programs and Publisher. Alternatively, you can make the one-time purchase of the Home & Studen version of Office 2019 (at a cost of 149 euros) or of the individual applications in the Microsoft Store.


  • LibreOffice - is the best free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes a set of programs practically similar to those offered by Microsoft and is perfectly compatible with files generated by Word, Excel, etc. It is in Italian and is constantly updated.


  • NAPS2 - it is one of the best programs for scanning Windows 10. It is free, but it can also possibly be used for commercial purposes and in fact allows you to scan documents and photos. It is quite light, easy to use, and is also available in a no-install variant. The output files can be saved in various formats and, in order not to miss anything, it also supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which allows you to recognize the characters written in the scanned documents, returning files PDF with selectable and / or editable text.


  • AutoHotKey - powerful free software that allows you to automate the execution of many operations (for example, starting programs or Write texts) using scripts to create with a special programming language. It may not seem very intuitive, but once you understand how it works, using it becomes a piece of cake.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - is one of the most popular Windows 10 PDF programs. In fact, it allows you to view and edit the files that belong to the previous typology in a simple and fast way. It is basically completely free and allows you to view PDF files, insert digital signatures, add annotations and export files in other formats. Eventually, however, it is also available in a paid version (at a cost of € 18.29 / month), which can be tried for free for 7 days, including some advanced functions, such as editing the texts.


  • Evernote - It is undoubtedly one of the best solutions available in the square for taking notes and notes according to the PC (and not only). It allows you to create notes with attached texts, images and documents, organize them in notebooks and divide them according to labels and places. Also, all content is automatically synced. It's free, but to use the service on more than two devices and block additional features, one of the paid plans must be subscribed (at the basic cost of 6,99 euros / month).

Windows 10 security programs

Taking into account the large number of cyber threats that exist, being able to have programs for Windows 10 useful for fullfilment of security requirements of the system is practically essential. Below, therefore, you will find what I think is the best performer in the category.

  • Windows Defender - is he antivirus home from Microsoft and is bundled directly into the operating system. It is an extremely valid product that, in the most recent antivirus rankings, has shown that it has nothing to envy the solutions of the competition, both at zero cost and for a fee. It manages to protect the PC from all the most common malware by acting in real time and without making the operating system too heavy.


  • Bitdefender Free - Appreciated antivirus for Windows PC that does not affect system resources and proves to be highly effective. It is available in a free version, which has absolutely nothing to envy to much more noble commercial solutions, which turns out to be very easy to use and which can count on an excellent scanning engine capable of protecting the system in real time.


  • Avast Free - free variant of a reputable antivirus that has a real-time scanner capable of quickly blocking viruses, ransomware, rootkits and other malware. It also integrates tools dedicated to protecting Wi-Fi networks, passwords in use on the PC and web browsing. Note that it is not particularly greedy in terms of performance.


  • Free AVG - Free antivirus that can count on an efficient real-time scanning and detection system capable of blocking viruses, spyware, ransomware, malware, and many other categories of "root" cyber threats. It also integrates a scanning system for unsafe email, downloads and links and an additional module to analyze PC performance.


  • Malwarebytes - It is one of the best antimalware for Windows 10 (and beyond). It is capable of eradicating spyware, adware, promotional toolbars, and other malicious software that can be difficult to find. It does not collide with the antivirus, since it does not act by analyzing the operating system in real time, and it is free. Note that a paid version is also available (with costs starting from € 39.99 / year), which does, however, offer continuous monitoring of the system.


  • Malwarebytes AdwCleaner - is a small antimalware specifically designed to remove PUPs, toolbars and all that annoying software that can infest the PC. Note that it requires no installation to work and is part of the programs for Windows 10 for free, at no cost.

Programs to optimize Windows 10

If, on the other hand, you are looking for programs for Windows 10 that can allow you Optimize Operating system performance will undoubtedly find the ones I have provided to report below. You can use them to free up disk space, remove "junk" files, and perform other useful operations for operating system maintenance.

  • Disk cleaning - is the utility included in Windows 10 (and in other versions of the operating system), thanks to which, as its name implies, it is possible to delete temporary files and there is no longer any useful data that is present in it HDD.


  • Optimize units - This is the tool included in Windows 10 (and in other versions of the operating system) to perform defragmentation, a fundamental routine operation to maintain the shape of a PC. Defragmenting the contents of a hard disk, in effect, allows you to "gather" and rearrange the information that Windows stores in a fragmented way in parts of the disk that are distant from each other, to speed up the times with which the system can recover files and programs.


  • Error verifying - It is another tool built into Windows 10 that checks and repairs corrupted file systems and clusters on the hard drive.


  • Activity management - is another tool pre-installed in Windows 10 that allows you to view and manage the running processes and those that are performed at startup, to know the current performance of the system, etc. I told you in detail in my guides on how to end a process and how to view processes in the background.


  • CCleaner - All-in-one solution that allows you to delete temporary files from your PC, clear your internet cache, delete your download history, etc. It's basically free, but there is also a paid variant (with a base cost of 19.95 euros) that includes additional features, such as automatic monitoring of unnecessary files.


  • WinDirStat - Free and open source application that allows you to view all the files on the disk, organize them in order of weight and display a special box through which you can more easily identify the data stored on the hard disk, according to its type and quantity.

Programs for drawing and retouching photos in Windows 10

Are you looking for Windows 10 programs to use draw and retouch photos ? Here you will find those that I think are the most "popular" and effective in this category. Immediately put them to the test, you will see that they will give you satisfaction.

  • photo - it is the default Windows 10 photo viewer which, however, also includes several useful tools to carry out simple but effective photo editing operations, such as adjusting the brightness and contrast of images, cropping photos, applying filters, etc.


  • Paint 3D - It is the successor to the old Paint that Microsoft has made available for the latest version of its operating system. It allows you to create "classic" and three-dimensional designs. It's free, it's very simple to use, and it includes many useful tools. It is pre-installed on all Windows 10 equipped PCs updated after April 2017.


  • Photoshop - The quintessential photo editing program. It is suitable for both expert users, thanks to the advanced editing function available, and for beginners, who can take advantage of its simple and immediate interface to take their first steps in the world of photo editing. It allows you to do almost any type of photo editing, as well as create new images. To use it, you must subscribe to the special subscription (at a cost of 24.39 euros / month) or it can be combined with other Creative Cloud packages (with prices starting from 12.19 euros / month). However, you can try it free for 30 days.


  • GIMP - A hugely popular free and open source photo editing program considered by many to be one of the best free Photoshop alternatives. It allows you to enhance the appearance of digital photos, apply special effects to images, distort, resize, rotate, and perform many other operations.


  • IrfanView - free software that allows you to view images and also includes many useful functions for simple and quick photo editing operations, as well as serial converting, resizing and renaming of files.


  • XnConvert - zero cost software that allows you to batch edit photos, crop and rotate them, apply watermarks, change colors, and perform other editing operations.


Video editing programs for Windows 10

Do you have to carry out operations video edition But don't you know which Windows 10 programs to turn to to do this? Well then you may want to consider the following. They can be used by experts in this field as well as by beginners.

  • Avidemux - Free software that supports all major video file formats and allows you to edit, cut and edit them with ease. Note that it allows you to operate in both direct streaming mode (without recompression) and full processing mode (with video recording). It has a somewhat spartan interface, but it is fully translated into Italian and is very easy to use.


  • Kdenlive - free and open source program that focuses on video editing instead of applying effects and filters. However, it includes several useful functions for editing and is compatible with all major multimedia file formats.


  • Adobe Premier Pro - professional software to create and edit videos made available by Adobe, combining advanced features and ease of use in the best possible way. To use it, you must subscribe to the special subscription (at a cost of 24.39 euros / month) or it can be combined with the Creative Cloud package (at a cost of 60.99 euros / month), but in all cases you can try it free for 30 days.


  • Wondershare filmora - very simple to use program with a nice graphical interface that provides users with a wide range of functions to perform the most diverse video editing operations. In fact, it allows you to cut and edit videos, apply effects, add background music, voice-overs, texts, graphic elements, etc. It is compatible with all the most popular multimedia file formats and is free, but it applies a watermark to the videos and provides other limitations that can be removed by switching to the paid version (at a cost of 44,99 euros / year or 69,99 , XNUMX euros in one go).


  • Lightworks - Video editing program ideal for those who are looking for a tool to create and edit professional level movies but without having to spend anything. It is not very lightweight and it is not even very easy to use, this must be said, but it does ensure full use of the potential of the Pc.


  • VideoPad - another video editing software that I suggest you take seriously. It is designed to be easily used by even the least experienced and allows you to edit, cut and join videos using a convenient timeline. You can also add many custom transition effects and background music. It's paid (it costs $ 3.88 / month or starts at $ 29.99 one-time), but you can try it free for 30 days.

Music programs for Windows 10

If you are looking for programs for Windows 10 to play and manage musicIn addition to performing any audio editing operations, the ones you find in the list below are sure to attract your attention. What are you waiting to try them?

  • Audacity - It is one of the most famous and appreciated free programs for editing audio files. It is open source in nature, supports the most popular audio file formats and allows you to intervene in them in various ways: cutting them, applying special effects, mixing them, etc.


  • Adobe Audition - It is one of the most powerful and famous audio editing programs that exist. It allows you to work on an unlimited number of tracks simultaneously, offers an extensive set of tools for music processing, and includes many filters capable of meeting the needs of anyone. It is paid: to use it, you must subscribe to the single product (at a cost of 24.39 euros / month) or you can subscribe to the full Creative Cloud plan (at a cost of 60.99 euros / month). In all cases, you can try it free for 30 days.


  • mp3DirectCut - Excellent tool to use for editing operations on MP3 files, as the name suggests. It allows, in fact, to cut, copy, merge and increase the volume of music tracks directly, that is, without the need to recode or rework them at the time of saving. It's completely in Italian, it also supports MP3 file tag editing, and it's free.


  • VLC - is a famous multimedia player, totally free and open source, thanks to which it is possible to reproduce practically all kinds of audio and video formats, without having to resort to the use of external codecs. It also includes convenient functions for quick editing.


  • Spotify - is the client of one of the most widely used music streaming services in the world. Allows you to hear the Songs available in the service, but also organize your PC's music library. Note that Spotify is basically free, as is the related program download for Windows, but to take advantage of some advanced features such as ad removal and offline download of songs, you have to subscribe to the paid subscription (at cost of 9,99 euros / month), which can be tried for free for a limited period.


  • iTunes - is Apple's free software to play multimedia content, as well as to enjoy Apple Music (the music streaming service of the "Apple bite") and to manage iPhones and iPads that are connected to the PC.


Other useful programs for Windows 10

To conclude, I want to report on all those more Windows 10 programs that for one reason or another do not fall into any of the categories that I have already indicated but still deserve to be taken into consideration. Are here.

  • HandBrake - renowned free and open source software that allows you to perform video conversion operations, so that you can play them more easily on any operating system and device, and to "rip" DVDs.


  • Recuva - Have you accidentally deleted files on your PC or on any external media and would like to know if there is a way to get them back? Then you can try to rely on this free and easy-to-use program capable of targeting portions of memory that have not yet been overwritten.


  • Netflix - To the delight of all fans of TV series and movies that are part of the Netflix catalog, the famous video streaming service can also be used in the form of a specific application specific to Windows 10. Its operation is good or bad analogous to the website and other apps and the download is free. However, to use the service, you must subscribe to a paid subscription (with costs starting from € 7.99 / month).


  • 7-Zip - Have you never heard of that? Strange, it's very famous! However, let's fix it right away - it's free and open source software that allows you to unzip all the most popular compressed archive formats (ZIP, 7z, DMG, RAR, etc.). It also supports multi-volume and password protected archives and also allows you to create new archives.


  • uTorrent - If you need to download Torrent files, the best suggestion I can offer you is undoubtedly to trust this program, which is practically the client par excellence to download files of this type. It is basically free, but eventually it is available in a paid version (at a cost of 19.95 euros / year) that eliminates advertising and includes other additional features.


  • ImgBurn - Excellent tool to burn CDs and DVDs easily and for free. It is also famous for its ability to clone discs given to it "in food" and generate ISO files.