The best program to download and buy games online.

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steam is one of Programs for Download games and legally buy them the most used in the world. The service developed by Válvula has pioneered other similar solutions and has been one of the main impulses that has led to the rise of digital game distribution in recent years. Includes all the latest PC titles and Mac at much cheaper prices than the boxed versions found in stores. It supports the Italian language and to use it, simply create a free account using the client downloaded on your PC. Download from here.


GameFly It is one of the most popular alternatives to Steam, so it represents one of the best programs to download games and buy games of Internet. At the moment it does not support the Italian language, but it offers a large catalog of games for PC and Mac that make it attractive even for those who do not know English perfectly. Again, to start using the service, you must register and create a free account immediately after downloading the client to your PC. demand Adobe Air. Download from here.

Apple App Store

Although it cannot be defined as a program, the Apple App Store In fact, it is one of the main digital distribution channels for games available at the moment. It is installed by default on all models of iPhone, Protectors y iPod touch and gives access to a huge catalog consisting of free and paid games that will satisfy any palate (not forgetting the applications, of course). It can be used by registering a simple Apple ID and associating a credit card (also rechargeable). Try it from here.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is Google's response to Apple's app store. It is a digital showcase in which users of Mobile phones and tablets with Android you can find an endless catalog of free and paid games of all kinds. To take advantage of its services, you need a Google account and associate a credit card (also rechargeable) with the latter. It is pre-installed in all Android devices up-to-date, but can also be used via the web from any PC (taking the place of the old Android Market). Try it from here.


Being one of the Torrent Client most popular in the world uTorrent can also be used to Download games free or independent that the developers have made available on the P2P network. It is also often used to download images of old console games that will be played through an emulator, but in that case to comply with the law, you must own the original title. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X and has been fully translated into Italian. Download from here.


This is one of those programs that needs no introduction. how P2P client, eMule It can be used to download any type of file from the Internet, including games. It is very useful for downloading old games that are no longer copyrighted (abandonware), independent titles and video games for old consoles that will be used through emulators. In the latter case, to legally download, you must have an original copy of the games. Download from here.