Programs to extract files. If you are here now, it is because you want to know what are the best programs to extract archives from archives. And that's what I'm here for. In today's guide, I'm going to teach you how to do this the easy way. Read on and you will see.

The best programs to extract files


It is really difficult not to know him. WinRAR is one of programs to extract files and manage the most complete and used compressed files in Windows.

Allows you to read all major compressed file formats and easily create archives zip y rare, also in the form of self-extracting and password-protected archives.

The program is not free, but it is available in a trial version that, even after the deadline, continues to work with few limitations and the display of an advertising message on every start.


7-Zip is defined by many as the best free alternative to WinRAR and WinZip. In fact, it is a compressed file management software that allows you to extract files from all major file formats (zip, rar, etc.) and compress documents in zip or 7z format.

It is known for its extreme lightness and for its essential but easy-to-use interface that is fully translated into Italian. It is also available in an optimized version for Windows systems of 64 bits.

Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Available for Windows and Mac OS X, Hamster Free ZIP Archiver is a ridiculously easy to use free program to manage compressed files.

It allows you to extract files from all major archive formats and compress files en zip files in an extremely simple way: drag with the mouse the elements to compress / decompress inside or outside the program window.


haozip it's a very good program to extract files zip, rar, etc. made for Windows by a group of Chinese programmers.

It differs from other similar solutions by the extreme care of its user interface (in English, very similar to that of WinRAR) and by the high speed with which it manages to compress and unzip files pills.

It allows to correct damaged files and customize its interface with numerous skins.


ZipGenius it's a popular FOSS Made in Italy that allows you to create and extract files from numerous compressed file formats.

It has an extremely accurate and easy-to-use user interface and numerous advanced features that take it to the same level as many paid solutions.

It is available in the standard version and in the edition suite (always free) that also includes an FTP client, additional themes for the interface and other interesting plugins.


It differs from the classic software for managing compressed files. It is structured so that it is possible from its interface, without having to open one file at a time or without having to group all the files in the same folder.

It is not suitable for standard use like WinRAR or 7-Zip, but it is unbeatable for all those who need to manage a large number of compressed files every day, extracting the content on the PC.

At the moment it is only in English.