Record a video call en WhatsApp en Android . ¿Would you like to Record your video calls on WhatsApp? Although the application does not allow you to record, there is a simple and practical solution available at Play Store.

If you want to record your video calls on WhatsApp in a Android device To be able to share them with other contacts or use them for professional purposes, in the case of an interview, for example, there is an alternative solution to avoid the lack of this function in the Messaging application.

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Record a video call on WhatsApp on Android with app

Some Android mobile phone models have a screen recorder. If this is the case with your device, use this option to record video calls on WhatsApp.

However, most of them store only images and not sound (this happens, for example, on Chinese devices Huawei and Xiaomi).

If your phone does not have the full recording option, use a screen recorder available from Play Store. We suggest the MNML screen recorder. Open source and free, the application is in English, but it is quite easy to use and serves its purpose.

Download the app from the Play Store. Then open the software and before you start recording, you need to make some adjustments. To do so, tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner and then Settings

In the next window select Recording.

Enable conversation audio recording by tapping the button Record audio. Already in the section Countdown (Countdown), you can set the time between the start of the call and the start of the recording. The default is 3 seconds, but you can select a period between 0 and 10 seconds.

To record WhatsApp video and calls, MNML Screen Recorder also requires various user authorizations. Therefore, confirm the requested accesses as they appear.


Record a video call with MNML Screen Recorder

Once the app is installed and all permissions have been granted, you are now ready to record your chat chats. video on WhatsApp. Now open the app and click the blue button Registry.

A count of the total seconds you choose appears on the screen. Open WhatsApp and make the video call with your contact. To do so, open the conversation you want to talk to and click the video camera icon next to the person's name.

At this point, MNML Screen Recorder will work in the background, recording your video conference as well as everything that appears on the screen during the call. In the device notification bar, an icon with the shape of white circle indicates that the application is in use.

To stop recording the call, click the notification. The MNML will open. Then tap the red Stop button at the bottom of the screen.

All screen recordings will be listed directly in the app. Press either of them to view the recorded video call. You can also share the images with your contacts and make edits on the material.