Resident Evil Village: Where to find Luthier's key. During your adventure, you will find numerous riddles that are essential to solve for Ethan's survival and be able to beat each boss. In this guide, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village: Where to find Luthier's Key.

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Resident Evil Village: Where to Find Luthier's Key, Complete Guide

First you have to defeat Donna Beneviento, accompanied by her doll Angie whom she manages to control telepathically. Both are two of the main antagonists of Resident Evil Village. In addition, she also owns one of the four most important houses in the game (the house of the same name, if you want to overcome Beneviento's house in Resident Evil Village 100% read this guide). After that, you must take a path back to the village. On this street, you will find yourself in front of two houses. In one of these is the luthier's house.

Resident Evil Village Luthier Key

How to get to the house of luthier Resident Evil 8?

A little further south you will find yourself in front of a house. Enter the house, and inside will be the treasure of the "Master's Collection" and a box with a combination. Without having the exact code, the lock cannot be opened.

The security code on the padlock is simply the girl's birthday. Approach the entrance, you will see a poster hanging on the wall: read it and you will know the combination of the lock 270917.

How to get to Resident Evil 8 luthier's house

Opening the box will allow you to get valuable rewards: an increased magazine for the F2 sniper rifle and steel Hraesvelger sculpture.

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