If you have been a fan of Xiaomi for years, you surely know most, if not all, of the tips and tricks that we describe below. However, if you are a new user of Xiaomi's MIUI functionality, you may not have discovered the hidden features and extras it offers. MIUI is the Xiaomi skin created by the company and "falls" above the Android de Google.

The company offers some additional features and characteristics that in many cases can make your life easier. But let's see how you can use some of these functions on your mobile device.

1) Applications dual:

For those who need two accounts Messenger, Facebook and other apps, this feature will help you! From MIUI 8 onwards, there is a feature called Duplicate Apps where you can create two accounts on the same device for one app. To enable it, scroll to Settings and scroll down to Duplicate Apps where you can select the apps you want to create for another account.

2) Call recording:

MIUI 8, MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 come with built-in call recording feature without the need to install apps. To enable it, go to settings and type 'call recorder' in the search bar. Select "Call recording automatically".
also can Record all numbers or just selected numbers.

3) Long screenshot:

This is a feature that you will surely love if you don't know about it. First, take a screenshot of the screen you want by pressing the key Volume down + power. When you're done, open this icon from the top right corner and tap the scroll option at the bottom. Now you can scroll down to take a larger screenshot of the screen you want. It also works in messenger if you want to take a screenshot of an entire conversation.

4) SMS programming:

MIUI from version 8 onwards allows you to send an SMS anytime you want. Open a new page of chat in the messaging app and press "+" on the left side. Now select the option «Time added» (bad translation from Xiaomi) and schedule an SMS to suit your needs.

5) End the call with the power button

You can only close an incoming call by briefly pressing the Power button. To enable this feature, you need to go to System Settings> Additional Settings> Accessibility> and Enable «End Call Button». As soon as you turn it on, you must be careful to hold your cell phone during a call to avoid hitting the end key.

6) Toggle to mute the ringtone

When the phone is facing a horizontal surface with the screen facing up, turn the phone to mute the call and turn off the vibration. To enable it, go to Settings and look for the search bar ' incoming calls«. In the menu that appears, activate the "Toggle to mute" button.

7) Application lock:

In MIUI you can block any application you want without installing an application from Play Store, since the function is now available in the MIUI core. Scroll down to settings and press »Lock app» it will ask you for an unlock pattern or password. Select the application you want to block and enter the password. You can also use your fingerprint to access the application.