The 2 best kept secrets of the GTA V.   GTA V we love it. And, therefore, in Creative Stop, we are always trying to find out a little more about its secrets and tricks. Although it was released in 2013, it was later re-released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Sales have grown more and more, and this game is a vice. Above all, for the new updates that add content every week for the GTA online multiplayer.

Although here we already tell you about the update of the robbery of Cayo Perico, Today we are going to talk about the single player mode, which is also great huh? Furthermore, the developers have not tired of putting mysteries throughout the game's scenes. So, today, we are going to see some of them.

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The 2 best kept secrets of GTA V: guide

What is Goatman in GTA V?

If you have been told about a strange creature in the Grand Theft Auto game, I have to say that they are right. They are not laughing at you. In this version, a bipedal monster was included in the game, a pseudo-human creature, which we can find hidden in the Catfish View deck area. And it is that there are already many players who have seen it stalk in the area.

People say that  Goatman  It is a bipedal creature, which has its entire body covered with hair and two large horns that protrude from the top of its head.


Legend has it, that Goatman is based on a creature known in South Texas of the same name, who wanders over the Old Alton Bridge.

As if that wasn't strange enough, the real-world bridge bears a striking resemblance to the ones in the game that Goatman is usually on. Local legend also states that if a car cross the bridge with the headlights off, Goatman would take this as a signal and make himself visible, just like he does in the game. So, turn off the lights when you go over the bridges.

Very few lucky ones have come across this creature, and they have rarely been caught on camera. One lucky player managed to snap a photo of Goatman in the middle of the road, just before the bridge. Goatman escaped the area by running under the bridge after the photo was taken. Another encounter was recorded through a video from YouTube, in which Goatman can be seen standing on the side of the road in some bushes.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle needs no introduction, it is a triangular area of ​​the North Atlantic with three points connecting the southern coast of Florida, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda, where countless accidents and mysterious disappearances of ships and planes have occurred.

Between sinks, crashing planes or even, according to the testimonies of some survivors) the plane that teleports to cover incredible distances in a few seconds, no one has ever given a scientific explanation to the mysterious accidents of the Bermuda Triangle.

Some claim that it is an area on earth where magnetism is particularly strong and interferes with motors and electronic equipment. Others claim that it is an area where it is possible to enter another dimension, or where an alien base is hidden deep in the abyss.

Incredibly, it appears that Rockstar wanted to reproduce this real-world uniqueness in their fictional world of Los Santos and GTA V. Mysterious things happen by sea or air travel through the area north of Palet Bay. From the moment the engines of any vehicle are turned off or the vehicle is destroyed, until our avatar teleports to a nearby beach while in flight or in the middle of the ocean.

When you teleport to the beach, whatever you are transporting will be destroyed in the process. So if you are doing smuggling / delivery missions, you better not go through this area, or you will inevitably lose your goods.


And not only have we found these two secrets in GTA V, but we don't want to give them all to you at once. So be patient, we'll bring you two more shortly. You are going to hallucinate!