Find the best games for Nintendo Switch It is not something that is complicated. While it is true that there are many games for this console, not all of them turn out to be the best or fun.

To have to avoid buying or Download games for Nintendo Switch that you do not know if they will be good or entertaining, it is better that you continue reading this article and discover some of the best Nintendo Switch games that are currently available.

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The best Nintendo Switch games to play right now

1. Celeste

From the outset, we tell you that the graphics are not as striking as they would be in the case of Mario Kart or any game in the Zelda saga. However, the gameplay and Celeste's difficulty yes, by far it is one of the most difficult and complex that exist.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, most of the people who choose to play Celeste tend to want split the control on the TV screen because of how stressful it is.

However, you have a game that requires good skills, a lot of patience and concentration to run very well timed movements. In addition, the game has levels with unique features and designs. So by far it's one of the best games for Nintendo Switch.

2. Splaaton 2

Given that we already mentioned Mario Kart or you simply already know that game, it is not practical to recommend it one more time. However, if you want something different in which you have to use all your ingenuity to be able to play and win, so Splatoon 2 is the best option for you.

Of course, instead of shooting blunt and varied objects, as happens in Mario barth 8, here you will only have paint bullets to shoot. Of the rest, you will have to play it on your own and tell us if it is a delivery that you should consider as one of the best games for Nintendo Swtich.

3. Arms

We move on to a game in which the avatar that you have to control, you achieve it through movement, as happens with fighting games like boxing. The difference between this game and a traditional boxing game is that your character's arms are much more elastic and larger. To the point of having the ability to launch special powers.

Of course, do not let your first impressions take you and do not make the mistake of not giving this game the evaluation or the opportunity. You need a quite high level of ingenuityIn addition, it has the ability to ask players for great skills in strategy and ingenuity. Something that, without a doubt, few players will appreciate.

4. Thumper

Those who decided to create this game tend to call the Thumper " rhythmic violence game ”. And the truth is that this term that has been given makes a lot of sense, since the rhythm is not enough to pass this wonderful game.

The truth is that the game is full of visceral experiences and pure action. So we do not recommend it for those players with too much sensitivity to violence. But still, you should give it a try.