The best payment applications. Are you going to invest some money in paid applications that can skyrocket your productivity and allow you to get the most out of your mobile devices? Well, even if there are several Free which are extremely valid, I can understand you somehow. And that's why I decided to make a list of some of the best paid apps available for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

In the following paragraphs, I will tell you everything I know about this topic. Also, many of the apps are actually freemium. This means that its basic functions are accessible to everyone, free of charge, while the advanced ones must be paid for. Since I have listed these apps by category, I think you will have no trouble identifying the ones you need the most.

Go for it. I wish you happy reading!

The best payment applications related to the Internet and communication

Let's talk, to open our mouths, about the best payment applications on   Internet and communication. Therefore, news app, social and communication applications in general.

  • Pocket (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - This hugely popular app is a kind of internet content collector. Allows you to save URL in a kind of "virtual drawer" and read it later, even in the absence of an Internet connection. It's basically free, but access to some advanced features, such as those related to advanced search and Backup automatic saving, requires Premium subscription, which starts in € 4,99 / month.


  • Feedly (Android / iOS / iPadOS): If you are looking for a good RSS feed reader then this is the solution that might be for you. It allows you to easily control the RSS feeds of the sites that interest you, accessing them quickly and easily. Basically, the app is free, but some advanced features, such as those related to keyword, brand and company tracking, etc., are reserved for those who subscribe to the Pro version subscription, which starts in € 7,99 / month.


  • Reeder (iOS / iPadOS) - If you have an iPhone or iPad available, this RSS feed reader may be for you. It is simple, intuitive and presents a very minimal and "clean" interface, in perfect Apple style. Cost 5,49 euros.


  • Zoom meeting (Android / iOS / iPadOS): It is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms in the world, used mainly by companies, professionals and teachers. It's basically free, but it allows you to make video calls for up to 40 minutes. This limit can be reduced by subscribing to the subscription, which starts from € 13,99 / month.


  • Aqua Mail (Android): one of the best email clients for Android, with an interface Easy to use which facilitates its use. It's basically free, but access to some additional features (such as the ability to remove advertisements, Aqua Mail signing of messages, and receiving push notifications for Exchange servers, hence corporate email and Office 365), provides in-app purchases of 10,99 euros.


  • Airmail  (iOS / iPadOS): When it comes to Apple devices, among the best email clients that can be used is this very useful application, which allows you to manage all the main email accounts, supports synchronization with iCloud and Integrates seamlessly with other applications.It can be downloaded for free, but a subscription is required to use it, starting at € 2,99 / month.

The best photo payment apps

Let's see, now, some of the best payment applications that can be useful to make photos Using manual commands, edit and post them on social media with a more refined look.

  • Camera FV-5 (Android) - Application that allows you to replace the 'standard' built-in camera application on your device, allowing you to manually manage shooting parameters and even offers the ability to save photos taken in RAW format. Cost 2,99 euros.


  • Camera + (iOS): application that is presented as an alternative to the Apple Camera application, through which you can manually manage the parameters, offering advanced control of it. Cost 3,49 euros.


  • VSCO (Android / iOS / iPadOS): After taking photos, resorting to a little post-production is practically a must and VSCO, the famous application for editing photos (and even videos) allows you to easily, quickly and easily retouch your photos, both with presets ready to use as with manual controls. It's basically free, but full access to all the advanced editing features and filters, however, requires a subscription subscription, which costs 21,99 euros / year.


  • Prisma (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - A fairly well-known photo editing app, allowing you to transform your shots into true works of art through the application of some filters, most of which are available with subscription subscription , which starts from € 5,49 / month.


  • Adobe Photoshop for iPad (iPadOS): It is the mobile version of Photoshop that is closer to the famous PC software and Mac. It can be used for free for 30 days, then requires a subscription subscription, which starts at € 10,99 / month. More information here.


  • Pixelmator (iOS / iPadOS): famous application for editing photos on iPhone and iPad, through which you can touch up your photos and make fantastic photo collages. Coast 5,99 euros.


  • Adobe Spark (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Application that I recommend you to use especially if you want Instagram stories to have some impact, as it integrates many easy-to-use editing tools and templates. Basically the app is free, but to access all of its tools, you need to subscribe to the subscription, which starts from € 10,49 / month.


  • Procreate (iPadOS): If you have an iPad with support for Apple Pencil, there is no better application to draw. It is used by enthusiasts and professionals alike to create comics, drawings, or even digital paintings through a number of advanced tools and settings. It costs 10,99 euros.


  • canva (Android / iOS / iPadOS): application used to carry out graphic work of various kinds and that can be useful to insert your photos into your own projects, as well as to modify the latter. Basically it's free, but to take advantage of its advanced features you need to subscribe to the subscription, which starts from € 11,99 / month.

Best paid video app

Now, let's move on to the best payment applications that belong to the category of video. With them, you can use video transmission services, editors and video players.

  • YouTube (Android / iOS / iPadOS): YouTube app, the famous video portal of Google. it's free, but to view content without ads you must subscribe YouTube Premium, which I told you about in this other guide, whose subscription starts from € 11,99 / month. Also, there are movies to buy or rent.


  • Netflix (Android / iOS / iPadOS): official application of the famous service that allows you to watch exclusive videos and TV series on demand, whose subscription starts from € 7,99 / month (Depending on promotional periods, it is possible to take advantage of a 14-30 day trial).


  • Video de Amazon Prime (Android / iOS / iPadOS): This is the official app for Amazon's video streaming service, which allows you to view content created by the e-commerce giant on your device. Take the Amazon Prime subscription, which starts from € 3,99 / month (after a 30-day free trial).


  • NOW TV (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Sky service that allows you to access content related to the world of cinema, entertainment, television series and sports, consisting of packages that start from € 9,99 / month (with 14 days trial).


  • Infinity(Android / iOS / iPadOS): The official Infinity app, the Mediaset video streaming service, which allows you to access many TV series and movies, whose subscription begins in € 7,99 / month (30-day trial planned).


  • Disney + (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Disney's video streaming platform. Contains Disney and Pixar classics, Marvel movies and series, Star Wars movies and series, National Geographic documentaries, FOX movies and series, and much more. After a 7-day free trial, it costs € 6,99 / month or € 69,99 / year.


  • KineMaster (Android / iOS / iPadOS): It is one of the best video editing applications available for Android and iOS / iPadOS, since it is a quite complete and versatile editor, through which it is possible to act in movies in an important way. Basic tools are free, but you must purchase in-app from 2,29 euros to remove the watermark that is printed on the edited videos using the trial version and to unlock all its functions.


  • Cyberlink PowerDirector (Android): very famous video editor available for the operating system "Green robot", which allows you to act on imported movies and correct them. It can also be used for free, but to remove the watermark from the videos and unlock all the effects, the purchase of the full version is required, which costs 5,99 euros.


  • Magisto (Android / iOS / iPadOS): This other application for form videos It also deserves to be taken into account, as it integrates multiple tools for advanced video editing. The free version is somewhat limited, which makes the subscription to the subscription almost mandatory, which starts from € 4,99 / month.


  • MX Player Pro (Android) - One of the best video players for Android that supports playback of all major video and audio formats, which also includes various advanced features including the ability to manage subtitles. Cost 6,20 euros (For the record, I point out the availability of its free version, characterized by quite invasive advertising banners).


  • Infuse Pro (iOS / iPadOS): As far as Apple is concerned, I'd like to point this out, which in my opinion is one of the best video players for iPhone and iPad as it supports dozens of video file formats, supports AC3 audio (a rarity in applications of this type in the App Store), it offers the possibility of streaming videos from other devices and much more. Cost 29,99 euros, but know that it is also available in a free version (which of course is more limited than the Pro variant).

Paid music app

With regards to music, instead, the best payment applications I leave them here.

  • Spotify Music (Android / iOS / iPadOS): It is one of the most popular music streaming services on the planet: Basic is free, but to break the limits of its free version (listening limited to random mode on mobile phones, inability to download content without connection and ad breaks) Premium membership required, starting from € 9,99 / month.


  • Apple Music (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Apple's music streaming service provides access to millions of songs that can be downloaded and listened to even without an Internet connection. The service starts from € 9,99 / month (after a 90-day trial).


  • YouTube Music (Android / iOS / iPadOS): is YouTube's free music service, which requires a subscription, starting from € 9,99 / month (after a three-month trial), to take advantage of download and playback features only as background audio.


  • Amazon Music (Android / iOS / iPadOS): application that allows access to the Amazon music catalog: all Amazon Prime subscribers (starting in € 3,99 / month after a 30-day trial) they can access 2 million songs without commercial breaks and enjoy listening offline (up to 40 hours per month); otherwise, you can activate the unlimited version of the subscription, which starts from € 9,99 / month, and allows you to access up to 50 million songs without commercial breaks and without limits for offline listening.


  • Lexis Audio Editor (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Unlike the ones mentioned so far, it is not a music streaming app, but I decided to include it in this list because, being one of the most powerful audio editors available in the mobile field, always it could be useful . You can use it for free through its trial version, but only buying in 6,99 euros Edited music can be exported to MP3.

Tools to increase productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity with applications? I am sure you will find several apps to help you manage documents, scan them and much more.

  • Microsoft Office (Android / iOS): application that contains the functions of word, excell and PowerPoint. While it can be used for free, I point out that it requires an Office 365 subscription (whose subscription starts from € 7 / month ), to take advantage of all the functions of the suite and edit files on devices with a screen greater than 10.1 ″.


  • File Commander (Android): File manager for Android that can be used for free, with in-app purchases from 0,73 euros each to access all functions.


  • X-plore file manager (Android): It is one of the best file managers for Android, basic for free, but with in-app purchases from 1 € to take advantage of additional functions, such as those related to the exchange of files through Wi-Fi, encrypt documents, etc.


  • Scanbot (Android / iOS / iPadOS): considered one of the best apps for scanner, Scanbot allows you to scan QR codes and documents and integrates several advanced functions, including the one that allows you to extract text from images (OCR). Coast 74,99 euros. A free version for Android and iOS / iPadOS is also available, "weakened" compared to the Pro version.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android / iOS / iPadOS): a very famous app for reading PDF, which is free for basics, but requires in-app purchases starting at € 1.99 each to take advantage of advanced features like creating PDF files from images or documents, PDF export to other formats, etc.


  • PDF Expert by Readdle (iOS / iPadOS): one of the best PDF readers for Apple devices, free basic, which in the Pro version (costs 52,99 euros ), allows you to edit the original text of open documents and much more.


  • Curriculum Vitae application (Android / iOS / iPadOS): This is an application that allows you to quickly create your resume from your mobile. It is not fully optimized for documents in Europass format, but it allows you to fully personalize documents, it is very simple to use and also integrates several interesting features, such as the ability to update all previously created CVs.

Security and privacy

About security and privacyHere are some apps that I think will be useful for freeing up space, preventing malware infections and keeping your passwords safe.

  • SD Maid (Android) - Very famous application to delete unnecessary files and free up space on your Android device. The free version allows you to clear only the system cache, while the paid version, which costs 2,97 euros, also the cache of third-party applications.


  • Avast Mobile Security (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Android version of the famous antivirus Desktop, which allows you to protect yourself from malware and recover your device in case of loss. It's basically free, but access to all of its features (including the photo of the person stealing the device, removal of ads, and access to direct Avast support) is reserved for subscribers, starting from € 1,99 / month.


  • Bitdefender (Android / iOS / iPadOS): one of the best mobile antivirus to protect your device from any cyber threat. Access to all features requires a subscription, which starts from € 0,99 / month.


  • tunnel Bear (Android/IOS / iPadOS) - application of a well-known VPN service, which can be used for free up to a maximum traffic of 500 MB per month, which can be removed by subscribing to the subscription, which starts in € 7,99 / month.


  • NordVPN (Android / iOS / iPadOS): official application of a well-known VPN service, which offers all the functions offered by its desktop counterpart. Starts from € 3,17 / month for three years (billed annually).


  • 1Password (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - One of the best password managers available on the market, allowing you to manage your account credentials, generate strong passwords, create encrypted notes and much more. Free for 30 days, then you must subscribe to the subscription, which starts in € 3,99 / month.

The best payment applications to personalize your mobile and other utilities

I continue this "list" of the best payment applications to personalize the phone and various other utilities that serve to perform many different operations, from calendar management to printing.

  • Nova Launcher (Android) - One of the best Android launchers, allowing you to have a highly customizable home screen full of advanced features. The version premium costs   4,50 euros And it includes several additional functions: menu customization, ability to hide applications, use gestures and much more.


  • Fantastic  (iOS / iPadOS): Considered the best calendar application available for Apple devices, it offers the possibility of adding new events to your calendar using natural language. It's basically free, but access to all features requires a subscription subscription, which starts from € 5,49 / month.


  • 2 Go Printer (Android) - app that costs 2,99 euros, which allows you to test print features for free (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wired).


  • Pro printer (iOS / iPadOS): Another application to print via Wi-Fi or USB from your Apple device, created by the software company Readdle. Coast 7,99 euros but it is available in a free version, which simply lets you test how it works with your printer.

So far today's entry on the best payment applications.