The best Telegram channels. Telegram is a popular instant messaging service that competes with WahtsApp, very famous and highly appreciated by a large number of users.

It can be used from smartphones, tablets, computers and browsers, it is free and among the main functions is the possibility of creating and joining channels, conversations in which a single user publishes content and is followed by others.

Guide: the best Telegram channels

How to find and follow channels

The procedure, although it may seem complex, is actually very simple to perform. So, let's see how to proceed from the various OS for which Telegram is available, both for mobile devices (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile) as well as for desktop PCs (Windows and Mac), as well as from a Web navigator (anyone).

  • Android - To search and follow a Telegram channel from the Android application you have to start the latter, press the magnifying glass At the top right, write the name of the channel you are interested in, select the relevant suggestion from the ones that appeared and tap the button + Join which is below.


  • iOS - To search and follow a Telegram channel from the iOS application, you need to start the latter, tap the icon Chat at the bottom, press the search field at the top, type the name of the channel of your interest, touch the relevant suggestion among those that you see appear automatically and press the button + Join.


  • Windows Mobile - To search and follow a Telegram channel from the Windows Mobile application, you need to start the latter, touch the magnifying glass which is at the bottom, press in the search field, type the name of the channel of your interest, touch the relevant suggestion and then press the button to join.


  • Windows / Mac / Linux - To search and follow a Telegram channel from the application for Windows, Mac and Linux you have to start the latter, click on the search field at the top, write the name of the channel of your interest, select the relevant suggestion from those that appeared and finally click it Join channel.


  • Web navigator - To search and follow a Telegram channel from the Web version of the service, you must connect to it, click on the search field at the top, enter the name of the channel of your interest, select the relevant suggestion from those that appeared and finally click + Join.

In all cases, you can alternatively click the channel referral link (as indicated in the next step) and press / click the button you see appear on the screen to open the channel directly in the Telegram app.

Then you can start to follow it in the same way as indicated some lines already above. From the Web, on the other hand, just press the button Open in Web on the channel page and proceed as above.

Better channels

Now that you understand how to find and start following Telegram channels, let's get to the heart of the matter by reviewing the best ones.

You'll find them all listed below, divided by the various membership categories. I am sure you will be able to find more than one that might catch your eye.

Cinema TV

Let us now turn to the Telegram channels dedicated to the world of cinema, TV and of course the television series. Find the ones that, in my opinion, represent the best in the category below.

  • • Cinema • Biblio Teca - A nice cultural container that allows you to get interesting information about the latest movie releases with a constantly updated list of movies. Although it is not very relevant to the subject, it also allows you to receive information related to historical events that occurred today, plots and pills about the great classics of literature and news related to upcoming books, as well as several other very nice columns.


  • Cinema Village - Another very well done Telegram channel dedicated to cinema and television series. Packed with comments and opinions on the issues in question.


  • Teleflix - A good channel that allows you to keep up to date with the best series broadcast on Netflix and Amazon Prime and watch all the episodes on the go.


  • Archive - What am I seeing tonight? - Good channel with several movie reviews and recommendations for new views.



If, on the contrary, you are a lover of the world of 7 notes, the ones listed below are undoubtedly the best Telegram channels suitable for you.

  • Musical - A channel entirely dedicated to the world of music in general and Italian in particular. News and videos are published every day.


  • Music Italy - A link to a song is posted every day followed by a short comment.


  • CC tracks - Telegram channel through which you can find a lot of music with a Creative Commons license.


  • Pentagrama - A good channel that provides updates on the news. Essential for Lovers of the music.


  • Soul Music - Good channel to listen to Songs and most successful hits of the moment.


Are you a sports fanatic? Then take a look at the channels dedicated to the topic below.

If you are a lover of football, car racing or anything else, it does not matter, surely you can identify a Telegram channel that can provide you with the desired information.

  • All football minute by minute - A beautiful channel completely dedicated to the world of football: live goals, results, rankings and videos.


  • SERIES A TIM - Excellent channel for football fans and in particular Serie A. Essential to keep up to date on the progress of the championship, the results and the ranking of the favorite team (and not only).


  • Sport News - Offers news about all sports, both nationally and internationally.


  • MotoGP news - Channel that offers news, updates and curiosities about the MotoGP championship.


Are you a cooking enthusiast and are you looking for some Telegram channels from which to get new recipes or in any case to draw culinary inspiration? With the ones listed below, you're sure to find bread for your teeth (just to stay on topic!).

  • Recipesweb - Good channel ready to satisfy everyone's culinary needs through proven recipes taken from the Web.


  • Wine tasting - A channel dedicated entirely to sweet and savory snacks with a particular focus on the world of wine.


  • Soon Ricetta - Every day offers many home cooking recipes, from appetizers to desserts. Great for inspiration.


  • FIRST COOK - Another channel that offers recipes of various kinds and for all tastes.


  • GelatoMyWay - Channel entirely dedicated to the art of ice cream and the world of sweets in general. A must for true gourmets.


To conclude, I want to report all those Telegram channels that for one reason or another do not fall into the previous categories but that still deserve a look. Find them all below.

  • IncreDeals.Club - A different channel of offers and discounts that looks like an Online shopping center, where the stores are thematic sub-channels with prices at historic lows. You can only follow the offers that interest you and receive gift vouchers, information, explanations and nice publications from the staff.


  • Amazon Deals - Do you really need an introduction? We are in the presence of an interesting Telegram channel dedicated entirely to what are the most interesting Amazon offers of the day and of the moment. Updates are continuous and cover all product categories on the popular e-commerce site.


  • Verdegram - A good Telegram channel completely dedicated to nature and the green world in general, as well as well-being.


  • One word a day - A Telegram channel that every day explains in detail the meaning of an obsolete word so that everyone can enrich their personal vocabulary.


  • WorldOfAnime - The Telegram channel dedicated to anime lovers. Every day, photos of the most beautiful anime (according to the creator) and scattered tips about it are published.