Unexpected return of Scott Pilgrim VS The World.  After several years of absence, the link between the video game of the comic and the film of the same name finally returns on the occasion of the tenth anniversary.

A little history about Scott Pilgrim VS The World

You may wonder because I should remember the fact that this game era the link with a movie, what perhaps initially deserved more attention. Soon it is said the reason, since it was thanks to this indissoluble bond that an unpleasant situation was created, but common to all similar products to this: due to the termination of license established with Universal, which Ubisoft chose not to renew, the game is withdrew completely stores more than five years ago.

Born as a niche project, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, However, achievement over the years conquer a fan base truly devout, who did not make the decision to get it out of the stores y online a for Nothing good and what continued begging to Ubisoft over the years, through the social media, to find a new deal guidance on post title and not abandon it to a sad destiny. Bryan Lee O'Malley himself, who in more than one occasion had the opportunity to tweet your thanks by the original title, in its own way, of course, too I was helping the movement.

Scott pilgrim game

Probably nor the software house I expected so much attention Posthumous, since you have to remember that at launch, thanks to a digital market that I was still giving their first steps, the game it was not bought for so many people.  The XNUMXth anniversary of the film and consequently of game, however, represents the perfect opportunity to contact Ubisoft Universal again and find an agreement. And so finally was announced, when at this point all hope from checking the title it seemed having abandoned the fans from around the world, Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Edition Complete, available for PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 ,Xbox One, Stadia and Luna, as well as the proprietary service from Ubisoft.

Facing the world for love in Scott Pilgrim VS The World

For those who have never had the chance to see the movie or the comic on which it is based, Do not be afraid because the original story it's just a pretext so you can enjoy reckless action of this game.  Performer of our history, Scott Pilgrim, Fall in love of the beautiful Ramona flowers. The seven wicked ex girl, headed by the wicked Gideon GravesHowever, they want to avoid that u have one more romantic relationship. Therefore, Scott will have to defeat all her ex boyfriends to be able to have the opportunity to be finally with her.

If in the comics and in the movie this background obviously works to tell a much bigger story, for the video game is the only pretext what does it take to get us across the seven areas of the game, with the inevitable final boss at the end of each level. In the title you can interpret to one of the six playable characters : Scott Pilgrim, Kim Pine, Stephen Stills, Ramona Flowers, Knives Chau, and Wallace Wells. The last two characters were originally available as Paid DLC, but now are included for free as part of the Full edition.

Scott Pilgrim

Therefore, we feel that it is our duty make a very important premise: don't expect any new content in this edition. Scott Pilgrim vs The World Complete Edition is nothing but a relaunch from the original video game and a second opportunity to play it, this time in current consoles, obviously with the hope that, for this time, they do not arise license issues sad.

We would like underline it in the first place to avoid possible misunderstandings, but also for r note that Knives and Wallac e are nothing more than the reskin de Kim and Stephen, with very few differences to be able to consider them true new characters. We expected the launch of the Full Edition could be an opportunity to further refine your set of movements and make them unique, but instead He was chosen guidance on transpose title completely as it was, strengths and weaknesses included. That is why we recommend using these two characters only after having finished the adventure with the four main heroes, also because after having finished it with all of them another little girl awaits you surprise.

As a additional incentive, keep in mind that each character has its own ending scene, although to see the Canonical you will have to finish the game using the Ramona flowers, Scott Pilgrim's girlfriend. It is no coincidence that his final scene be the only one that not only shows music exclusive, but also congratulate the player.  Consider our two observations Be little tips to start to enjoy of his adventure to the maximum.

Pixels full of passion in Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World is a  fighting game displacement In 2D, inspired by historical series Be  Streets of Rage and Final Fight. With the four main keys we can alternate light and heavy attacks, stop the blows and jump, while with the sides we call our assistant to help us or use a powerful move special, that however, will consume our energy. Initially we will not have many available movements, but continuing to play and leveling up to our character we will unlock many options that will make our adventure more and more spectacular.

This progression system allows us have time to get acquainted with the game and the character that we have chosen, so that we always know when explode to the maximum our arsenal. We can also gather different soil tools and throw them at opponents, or use them to inflict greater damage. We will have the opportunity to use weapons Be bats, swords, bricks, or even baseballs, umbrellas and many other objects recoverable in our adventures.

Scott pilgrim ninja

One of the major influences for this title, however, it was  River City Ransom, another set of historical displacement struggle chosen not by chance, since in turn also inspired strongly  the comic series by Scott Pilgrim. Surely it more obvious is the possibility to improve the characteristics buying food and other objects in any of the many stores spread out throughout the adventure. Some of them are hidden and one of them it will be fundamental to unlock the last powerful move of our character.

Therefore, explore the different levels becomes an important part of the end game experience, not only for secret shops mentioned above, but also to find the space roads. In the original work they are special portals that Ramona has the power to use and what happens through the people's mind, in the game they are simply secret shortcuts that they will allow you accumulate a considerable Amount of money. Try to maximize your stats will be essential if you want to try beat the levels hardest in the game (and in that sense, we take this opportunity to recommend you that you focus on Force and speed, thanks later).

The power of love in Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game is a True Love Letter for players hard and pure, with many video game quotes that it would cost us a lot quote one by one. In fact, we will go from Super references Mario Bros wings of  Mega Man, to  Golden Ax,  final Fantasy y Sonic the Hedgehog, finding time even to insert a winkMarvel vs Capcom  and more others videogames and pop culture  series in general. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun discovering all references and all those little secrets which hides the game. The adventure itself is unfortunately very short, demanding a maximum of three hours  to finish.

El 16 bit graphic style  it was a pearl ten years ago and it still being much appreciated even today, with colorful and inspired worlds, one different from the other, and sprites full of life. But the true strength of the official game of Scott Pilgrim vs The World has always been the soundtrack : the Anamanaguchi with this work have created a true masterpiece of the chip-tune, with music that can be heard for hours and hoursAnd that who writes confirm that they can stay in the head even years later from the original title release.

The Complete Edition  it also makes some  extra modes  nice to be available immediately, without the need of unlock them through a cheat code o buying DLC separately, as was the case with the original release.  The Assault Against Bosses is exactly what could you wait : a race against time what will put you testing against all game bosses and with only a life available.  Survival Horror will make you face a series endless of Zombies, in the play area inspired by the cemetery, trying to defeat the greater amount possible before be defeated. Total Battle is a way that can only be faced in the multiplayer mode and is, in effect, the versus game modeWhere two or more players they will have to fight each other to determine the winner of the duel.

The last extra mode It's Dodge Ball : we will have to beat the opponents using only one giant beach ball against them, as in a poison ball. These are additional activities very nice and inspiring, but probably it won't take much time in them. With mode online multiplayerinstead you can play Campaign exclusively, with additional modes s reserved exclusively for the local game.

We want to conclude this analysis by pointing out that in the Switch version it is possible to play using only one Joy-Con each, thus making multiplayer games more accessible.