The best programs for make videos.

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Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere It is one of the professional programs to make the most complete and popular videos in the world. Includes all functions of edition what would you expect from a product of this type plus a lot of effects and accessories that expand their capabilities practically indefinitely. It is not very easy for non-experts in the sector to use, but once it is understood, it is possible to obtain very high quality productions. Naturally you pay but it is available in one free trial version lasting 7 days It also supports 3D videos. Download from here.

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a commercial program that allows you make videos and edit all major multimedia file formats: AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, H.263 / H.264 codec and others. It is a very complete video editor that makes simplicity of use one of its main characteristics. It allows cut, paste and edit videos, converts various file formats, adds special effects, and produces movies for the web. Admits capture videos from the PC screen and import movies from mobile phones and cameras. It is paid but it is available in one free trial version which lasts 30 days Download from here.


Like other more popular paid programs, CamStudio allows you to make video sequences of the desktop of your PC in an extremely easy and fast way, at no cost. Just install it, launch it and click the button REC. You can choose between Record videos in AVI format for local playback or Flash SWF videos for direct posting to the web. It has no duration or resolution limitations on recordings and also allows you to capture individual areas of the desktop rather than the entire screen. Download from here.

DVD Slideshow GUI

As you can easily guess his name, DVD Slideshow GUI It is a free program for Windows that allows you make photo videos or other videos It's very easy to use and includes a wide range of effects and animations that allow you to create perfect slide shows that can be played on any DVD player in the room. Each project is extremely customizable. You can sort photos and videos added to the slideshow, set display times, transition effects, background sounds, and much more. Download from here.


Other software with a fairly eloquent name. Mycam is a small free program for Windows that allows you to make videos and take photos using the webcam from the PC. Similar to Photo Booth in Mac OS X (Properly proportioned and without special effects), it looks like a window with the webcam in the center. For record videos, click on the red button located at the top left, while to take a photo, click on the camera icon. Once made, the videos and photos obtained with MyCam are displayed in the form of previews at the bottom of the program window. Download from here.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is one of video making programs more complete available in Windows, at least in terms of the amount of FOSS. It is part of the collection of Free. Windows Live Essentials and includes all the necessary tools to capture, process and produce excellent quality video. It allows you to import videos from cameras and mobile phones and includes a series of advanced filters to apply special effects to videos. It also allows you to cut and join videos, edit scenes and add music background to your movies. Download from here.