Where to find all prayer beads in Sekiro. There are a total of 40 prayer beads, finding all of them is a fundamental part of the game as it increases your health and defense. As soon as you collect 4 prayer beads, take them to one of the idol checkpoints to form a necklace and increase life and posture.. In case of having problems and not knowing where to find all prayer beads in Sekiro This guide will help you.

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Where to find all prayer beads in Sekiro, complete guide

Prayer beads are one of the special collectibles and once you have 4, you can create a prayer necklace with any of the sculptor's idols. In this new title of the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice saga you can find 40 prayer beads, getting them will not be easy as they are obtained as a reward for defeating bosses. If you want to know more details, continue reading this guide where to find all prayer beads in Sekiro.

prayer beads in Sekiro

Ashina surroundings

  • To get the first account, defeat General Naomori Kawaradaes., stands behind the Idol Wall.
  • Finish off with the Chained Ogre to achieve the second prayer bead.
  • Defeat General Tenzen Yamauchi to get another account.
  • Eliminate Gyobu then go up to the attic of the pagoda, in the room inside a chest is the fourth account.
  • Execute Flaming Bull you will locate him in Ashina Castle.

Hacienda Hirata

  • Cross the bridge and annihilate a new enemy Shinobi Hunter.
  • Finish off with Juzou the Drunkard for another of the prayer beads.
  • Once you finish with Juzou enter the building, break the doors you will find a chest that contains a prayer bead.

Ashina Castle

  • Once you eliminate General Kuranosuke Matsumoto, he is on the stairs that go up to the castle.
  • Remember where you first saw Kuro, head to Lake Ashina and finish with Shikiku Toshikatsu Yamauchi.
  • Now you must eliminate Lonely Shadow is in the well where the game starts.
  • You can buy for 1400 in a prayer bead to the merchant located in the abandoned dungeon.
  • Once you have defeated Jinsuke Saze, which you can find in the highest tower of the castle.

All prayer beads in Sekiro

Senpo Temple

  • While crossing the bridge you must eliminate the Warrior in armor to get another prayer bead.
  • This time you must eliminate the Centipede Sen'un.
  • Before you get the third prayer bead you have to learn to dive, and return to the temple grounds to immerse yourself, you will find this item on a statue.

Submerged valley

  • You will find the account on the floor of the tombs in the Ashina Surroundings.
  • Eliminate Shirafui Serpent Eyes, another enemy that you can't dodge.
  • Once you've defeated Long-legged Giraffe Centipede.
  • After eliminating the previous boss, a hole will open, fall to this underground area follow the candlelit path, Eliminate several centipedes and you will locate a new prayer bead.

To get the remaining prayer beads, you must go back to the previous areas where you will find other bosses that you also have to defeat because they have been replaced.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find accounts, in order to help you we have prepared this guide where to find all prayer beads in Sekiro that we hope will facilitate your adventure. If you need more tricks consult the guide how to get all endings in Sekiro.