Where to find the almost naked characters in Deathloop. To get this silver trophy «Costume of the Day of the Death» you must eliminate 14 characters who are almost naked. These are scattered throughout the map of the island of Blackreef, it is not necessary to eliminate all of them in a single day, it can be done progressively and in any order. To continue with your list of trophies you must know where to find the almost naked characters in Deathloop will help you achieve your goal.

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Where to find the almost naked characters in Deathloop, complete guide

"Near Naked Characters" are special enemies available in Deathloop. There are a total of 14 and all of them must be eliminated to get the "Deathday Suit" trophy. We will find one per map, at various times of the day, and remember that there are four maps in total: The Complex, Updaam, Karl's Bay, Fristad Rock for the four times, namely morning, noon, afternoon and night. There would be 16 in total, but we won't find any at Karl's Bay at noon and at Fristad Rock at night. Therefore, they are at El Complejo and Updaam at any time, and at Karl's Bay and Fristad Rock at certain times of the day..kill almost naked characters Deathloop

Killing one and exiting the map ensures you count towards this Deathloop trophy. But be careful because, although most of them are well recognizable, some have their bodies painted yellow and green to blend in with the rest of the enemies. If you think you killed them all but didn't get the reward, check if the ones with the painting on their body are really dead. In addition, they will be able to move if other enemies alert them to your presence. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Aether Slab ability that Egor left behind.

  • The Complex, Tomorrow
    We will find it in the middle of the bunker.
  • The Complex, Noon
    Walk through the Egor camp.
  • The Complex, Afternoon
    Exit the tunnel through the door on the right. Continue straight and turn left at the turret. Climb up the rocks and go straight. You will find it on the road near the tunnel exit. This is one of the is painted.
  • The Complex, Afternoon
    From the tunnel where the level begins, we must take the door on the right and we will immediately find it on the ground. It will be dying, so when you shoot it quickly it will bleed and disappear.
  • Updaam, Tomorrow
    Exit the tunnel with the door on the right and immediately turn right at the first corner. From there, climb the rocks to get to the roof. Go to the extreme right, you will see the half naked in the corner of the map.
  • Updaam, Noon
    We'll see him on the balcony outside the candy store.
  • Updaam, Evening
    It will be outside the library, in the crowd listening to the concert.
  • Updaam, Evening
    It is always outside the library on the patio.
  • Karl`s Bay, Morning
    In an alley outside Dawn of Reason, but it could also appear inside.
  • Karl`s Bay, Afternoon
    It will be inside Hangar 1 on the middle floor.
  • Karl`s Bay, Afternoon
    We will find it inside the Aeon Coital Center, to the left of Dawn of Reason.
  • Fristad Rock, Morning
    Near the Aeon security station, next to the Ramblin 'Rock Club.
  • Fristad Rock, Noon
    We can find it in the bar to the right of Ramblin 'Rock Club.
  • Fristad Rock, Evening
    Exactly like the previous one, in the bar to the right of the Ramblin 'Rock Club.

Now you know where to find the almost naked characters in Deathloop We hope this help you. If you need help you can get help at Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock.