Where to get all the pumpkin seeds in Sekiro. The seeds allow you to increase the health of Wolf, the protagonist of this adventure, who must face various dangers and enemies, during the battles your life bar will decrease, which you can increase thanks to the pumpkin seeds that are scattered around the game map and to help you we have prepared this guide on where to get all the pumpkin seeds in Sekiro.

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Where to get all the pumpkin seeds in Sekiro, full list

To carry out the complete process you need the healing flasks, Emma will give you one at the beginning of the game. Every time you get a seed you must bring it to Emma in the Desolate Temple, which will increase your available healing level by one unit, and allows you to restore your health bar. These seeds are scattered throughout all areas of the game, but they are a very important resource to survive longer.

pumpkin seeds in Sekiro

Pumpkin seed guide in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Of this collectible there are a total of nine seeds. Below is a list of all the pumpkin seeds in Sekiro.

  • Ashina surroundings

The first pumpkin seed is found near Ashina. First you must eliminate the first boss that will cross your path, General Kawarada Naomori, as a reward you will get a seed it will be right behind the Sculptor's Idol (they are game control points)

  • Ashina environment 

Also in the same area in Ashina you must defeat the chained Ogre, you must enter the building through a crack, once inside turn left and enter a room you will find various items one of these is a pumpkin seed.

  • Ashina surroundings

After defeating Gyuoubu Oniwa, another of the bosses of the game, cross the battlefield, do not enter the building that you will find continue on the road until you see a merchant who will sell you the pumpkin seed for 1000 sen.

  • Ashina Castle

You must go to the idol of the Anteroom, for this you must climb the castle by climbing the roof, go to a room where you will find a chest with a pumpkin seed inside.

Ashina Castle Sekiro pumpkin seeds

  • Ashina Castle

This is also in the Castle area, continue where you found the first Buddha idol, you must eliminate four armed enemies to climb a staircase until you reach an alley, here you will run into a merchant who will entrust you with the task of killing all the enemies in the area. In the desolate temple you can buy the pumpkin seed for 2000 Sen to the same merchant with whom you will meet again.

  • Senpo Temple

The mojes will show you the way until you reach the great structure, where you will find monks praying, get closer to the strange cult object where the pumpkin seed is found.

  • Submerged valley

From the last checkpoint at the idol of the Submerged Valley, explore the valley until you find a cave, go through it and continue to the left, climbing with the help of the branches until you reach a ledge, eliminate the enemies that you will find, and look at the chimney of the cabin here you will see a pumpkin seed.

  •  Mibu village

In the center of Mibu village you will find a giant tree, search among its roots you will find a pumpkin seed.

Palace of the Spring-seeds-pumpkin-Sekiro

  • Manantial Palace

This area is at the end of Purification, if you need help you can take a look at this Sekiro guide: how to get all endings. This seed is in a room full of strange enemies eliminate them all, also you must defeat the boss Owl, finally you will access the building and inside the chest you will locate this seed.

Once you collect all the pumpkin seeds in Sekiro, you can unlock the "Supreme Healing Pumpkin" trophy.

We hope this article is helpful to you about where to get all the pumpkin seeds in SekiroRemember to bring the seeds to Emma to increase health.