If you are wondering why Instagram won't let me upload videos? This is the article for you, so we invite you to continue reading to find out all the details.


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Why won't Instagram let me upload videos?

When talking about Instagram, users often think that it is only high-quality photos, but no, you can also add videos. In some cases the platform has errors, due to different reasons, due to this it is possible that doubts arise such as Why won't Instagram let me upload videos to the story? 

It is true that, since it is a social network with a high number of viewers, errors should be minimal so as not to cause discontent in the public and reduce views and interactions on the network.

However, we must remember that it was created and is managed by people, that is, there is the possibility that they make mistakes and for this reason the app will not be considered bad.

The most common problems may vary depending on the mobile, the update of the app or even the age of the user. This time we will be giving a solution to that frequent question from the public: Why won't my grand neo let me upload videos to Instagram?

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Solutions to answer the question: Why won't you let me upload videos to Instagram?

1. Check connection to InternetBefore blaming the Instagram application, it is important to realize how the internet connection is working, as it is one of the main reasons why videos are not uploaded.

The videos are very heavy and consume a lot of Internet, before deciding to upload one, we must check that they are not downloading updates from others applications.

In addition to the router is working correctly, if not, you have to restart it or turn it off for a few seconds.

2. Apply the date error on the telephones or technological equipment that use the app: It consists of opening the device configuration, locating the date and time to modify them, placing data from the previous day or dates from past weeks.

After carrying out the instructions given, Instagram should already allow you to upload the videos you want. It is usually effective, although it does not work with all computers; You can always try this simple solution, maybe it will work for you.

3. Place the airplane mode on the phone: This deactivates both the Wi-Fi like you Mobile data, wait a few seconds, activate it again and try to upload the video.

In case it does not work, continue reading the different options that we leave you in this article .

More solutions

- Install Instagram again: Another solution to answer the big question of Why won't you let me upload videos to Instagram? Is to try to install the application again, in this way it is not only expected to solve this problem but also other errors that it is presenting Instagram.

It's simple, you just have to look for the app in your mobile phone, enter your options and uninstall it. Once this last step is completed, we continue, looking for the app in the application store and press where it says install and voila, now you can easily upload videos.

- Update Instagram: For many people this is the best solution, it is simple and you don't need to do much. The first step is to go to the application store on your phone, you will search for the app and there you will see the option to update.

In the event that the word update does not come out, it means that you already Instagram account with the latest version. Also to avoid doing this process, you can activate automatic updates and configure them to be done when you have Wi-Fi, reserving your mobile data.

Other options

-Check that the error is not national or even global: You can ask your friends or colleagues if they are also having problems uploading videos on Instagram or using the app.

Another way to verify if it is happening to more people is to go to another social network such as Twitter, and look for the trends of the moment, there you will see the most important topics that are taking place around the world.

-Update your equipment: Perhaps one of the reasons is because your phone is something old and does not accept the newer versions of the application.

It is not a widely used solution, since in many situations it is not easy to make this change, however, in the case of having tried the previous ones, this would be the recommended one.

What you must not forget

Remember that it is not mandatory, but if you want your app to work correctly, to be able to upload videos whenever you want and to have all the elements of it available, it is suggested to do so.

Likewise, Instagram also allows the option of uploading videos recorded in previous moments, with a time limit. You go at the beginning of the app, where all the publications made by the people you follow and even the advertising appear.

In the upper part of the left side, there is an element in the form of a camera and a little further down there is your photo with the text of: your story and a + symbol, that is where you will click, you will search in your gallery for the video that you want to upload and voila, you will have uploaded the video that best suits your requirements .

Another frequent problem is that perhaps the video format is not compatible with your application, to solve this situation you must install or find a video converter that is compatible.

FonePAw Video Converter is an application recommended and used by several users, it is easy to use, once installed, the options and instructions to convert the video appear.

We hope this article has clarified your doubts and answered your questions about Why doesn't Instagram let me upload videos to the story? If you liked it, leave us a comment to know what you think about the information and if you know of any other option that was not mentioned to solve the problem.