Windows - How to save battery of a laptop PC. Some tips that will allow you to save the battery of your laptop PC and thus win autonomy.

Useful information for Windows - How to save the battery of a laptop PC.

What a laptop PC battery consumes:

Electronic and mechanical components consume the most energy. It also has the devices (HDD, DVD player, screen ...), but also the motherboard and, in particular, the main processor.

The more you run the main processor (the higher the CPU load factor is important), the more it consumes power. Therefore, playing a 3D game will consume more current than using a word processor.

How to reduce energy consumption.

  1. The backlight of the displays is configurable. Try reducing it, but keep an ideal view. The less brightness, the less battery you spend.
  2. Control Windows Power Saver to pause the screen and the HDD in case of inactivity.
  3. Also set the power so that the screen and PC are paused when the screen is closed.
  4. In the configuration panel, the icon Energy options will allow you to set deadlines before the automatic break.
  5. Instead of closing Windows, use hibernation or extended pause mode (when possible). This will allow Windows to restart faster (it will avoid the Windows startup phrase).
  6. Most of the time, you also have an option to avoid run the processor at full power, reducing power consumption, sometimes at the expense of a slight reduction in performance.
  7. The devices (Graphic card, modem, PCMCIA cards…) have an economical mode (the power practically stops when they are not used). Try to activate the economy on these devices. Note that certain devices cannot be used in economy mode as they are poorly coordinated. Experiment
  8. Use the mouse device integrated with your laptop PC and avoid the mouse (it consumes more power than the device integrated with the PC). In general, avoid external devices, be it USB or otherwise.
  9. Regularly (once a month), defragment your hard drive when the PC is connected to a power outlet. The less the hard drive is fragmented, the less it consumes power by avoiding back and forth when reading the disc. Also use BootVis to put the system files needed to start the disk - Windows will start up faster.
  10. Another important element: the more continuous programs that consume processor use continuously, the more energy it will consume. It is important to disable useless programs and services. Disable useless services, in particular the indexing service. This service is a heavy CPU consumer and has a lot of disk access.
  11. Reduce the number of programs launched at the beginning. Certainly there are many that are useless. (QuickTime task, Java Update Scheduler Toolbar Office, Office Quick Launch, RealPlayer, etc.)
  12. Change Windows theme: use the standard theme.
  13. Deactivate the visual effects (animations, transition effects). They are beautiful, but they force the CPU to do additional calculations, which consumes more power. Particularly on Vista and Linux (with Beryl / Compiz / XGL): all 3D and transparency effects are big CPU consumers; Disable them.
  14. Avoid the animated screen saver (3D or other). Choose a standard Windows screen saver or blank screen. Don't forget to enable power saving for the screen in session Power management.
  15. If you don't use your connection Wi-Fi, disable it. This prevents your Wi-Fi from constantly beaming waves to find an access point (this consumes power).
  16. With Windows 95, 98, and ME, use programs like ATM (Another Task Manager) to force the processor to execute the HTL (stop) instruction when it does nothing. This helps save energy. (Certain portable PCs already have the utilities for this). This manipulation is useless in Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Linux as they use the HTL instruction as standard.


Certain software can help you reduce power consumption, such as Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) which allows you to greatly reduce processor voltage (use sparingly: greatly reducing voltage can cause problems if stability: depends on you find the best configuration).

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